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E-Menu: the future of restaurant technology – Israeli entrepreneurs introduce computer based menus that may change the way people eat out.

Restaurants in Europe, the United States and Japan are testing technology that allows diners to order food directly off screens at their tables, instead of depending on fellow human beings to note their choices, sometimes grumpily or erroneously.

Companies that sell the “e-menu” technology argue that besides cutting costs, this approach has a novelty value that can lure younger customers and increase revenue with tantalizing photographs of meals.

The idea may be only the latest gimmick in a trade that is driven by consumer appetites and where fads help. But at least for now, it appears to be helping business.

In Israel, Conceptic, a privately owned start-up company, has already installed the technology in sushi bars, pubs and family restaurants. The system is based on touch screens already used in self-service canteens or for ticketing in airports and movie theaters.

It’s about impulse buying,” said Conceptic’s chief executive, Adi Chitayat. “If a person starts looking at pictures of chocolate cake, the chances are he’ll order it.

Frame, a trendy sushi restaurant in Tel Aviv that has installed the system, said sales on tables with the e-menus had increased by about 11 percent. Customers often call ahead to reserve spots equipped with the screens, said the manager, Natalie Edry.

At one e-Menu table, Gil Uriel, an information technology worker, and his young family were enthusiastic as they looked at pictures of the food and argued over dessert.

We can still choose, we can still argue, but it’s much easier when you can all see it,” Uriel said as his children clicked away furiously on a games function between courses. “We are living in a technology age,” said Chitayat, the chief executive of  Conceptic. “People are not afraid of screens” (read more here).



eMenu is an interactive digital menu, presented on an LCD touch screen computer, located by the dining table. eMenu enables customer to view the menu in a graphical and attractive manner, through pictures, flash animations, videos, stream TV channels and even allows customers to place orders by themselves!

eMenu also serves as a platform for various sorts of applications. Starting with trivia games, action games, thinking games, creative games, fun facts, wisdom quotes and the list goes on. eMenu holds an important key to understanding customer’s needs.  It can show statistics that are relevant to the items in menu or certain applications compare to others. Furthermore, eMenu is a stage and space for potential marketing options and commercials.

For details and contact visit www.emenu-international.com.

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