Win Chocolate Gelt In A Virtual, Interactive Dreidel Game

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Captain Moustache, the Michigan-based web applications company which has launched several unique applications for Apple users has developed an interactive dreidel game for iOS devices.

The dreidel app allows users to spin a virtual dreidel, earn Hanukkah shekels (Israeli coins), and beat opponents competing for the biggest pot of chocolate coins.

The Captain’s virtual dreidel game is designed exactly like the spinning top game played by millions of Jewish kids when Hanukkah time nears.

A dreidel is the center of the game and players virtually “spin” it to reveal what their fate is to the pot of coins in the game. There are four symbols in the game: nun- the player gets nothing, gimmel – the player takes the whole pot, Hey – the player collects half the pot, Shin – the player has to donate to the pot. The game can be played alone or versus other virtual opponents.

Captain Moustache Co-Founder Roy Krauthamer, an Internet Marketing Executive, developed the dreidel game to allow kids to have a familiar and beloved game right at their fingertips.  “I grew up playing cutthroat dreidel with three sisters and numerous cousins, it is a game that reminds me of being a kid and trying really hard to win chocolate gelt (coins)!” says Krauthamer.

Captain Moustache Co-Founder Michael Weinstein, a Business Entrepreneur, has his own ideas for the dreidel game, “I just needed the chocolate! To me, dreidel was all about getting the chocolate and eating it as fast as I could!!

App: Dreidel HD by Captain Moustache, LLC


Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Category: Games
Released: November 05, 2010
Publisher: Captain Moustache, LLC
Price: $1.99 (buy app)

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