Designed Especially And Exclusively For Mobile Devices Shavuot Issue Of The “Just Jew It” Already In iTunes

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Shavuot issue of the “Just Jew It” already on the iTunes Newsstand. “Just Jew It” – interactive digital magazine – is designed especially and exclusively for you to enjoy on mobile devices.

Included in this issue:

  • The Day Nothing Happened – The Psychological & Spiritual Transition to Sinai – What we went through!
  • Who Owns Judaism? Why was the Torah given in the desert? Why in such a barren place?
  • Conversation Tips from Sinai – How to Convey Something Important – What’s the right way to say it?
  • What is Shavuot? Why do so many of us not know about this important holiday and what it stands for?
  • Shavuot Customs
  • Bikkurim & The Harvest – the beauty of this majestic ceremony
  • Countdown! What’s so important about counting day by day from Passover to Shavuot? What’s the Countdown about?
  • Day of All Days? What was it that G-d said, exactly?
  • Two Stages of Freedom — there’s Freedom From something, and Freedom To something. Passover, we celebrated our freedom from slavery in Egypt … what were we freed for?
  • The Secret of Inspiration – how to get inspired… and why.
  • Macy’s & Israel – a fascinating true story of fate & destiny!
  • The Story of Ruth – the paradigm of a righteous convert. Her story, it’ll move you.
  • Part 3 of the Six Constant Mitzvos – the Oneness of G-d – how do we connect to it?

Subscribers to Just Jew It! magazine enjoy videos, how-to articles, stories, interviews and anecdotes from world renowned authors for the celebration of Jewish life, holidays, and customs, as well as exclusive interviews and articles of interest relating to current times.

Subscription available:
– A single issue for $3.99
– 1-month subscription for $2.99
– Annual subscription for $17.99

App: Just Jew It Magazine – Inspiring insights on Judaism for you to enjoy being Jewish by Leah Weintraub


Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Category:  Entertainment
Updated: May 25, 2014
Publisher:   Leah Weintraub
Price: Free (get app)

Version for Android devices – click here



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