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Days of Destinythe Jewish Year under a chassidic microscope” – text of this book is published and copyright © by JewishContent.org

“Publisher’s Foreword
These days are remembered and kept throughout every generation.
(Esther 9:28)

By remembering the events of the past we keep them alive every year. Jewish holidays do not just commemorate historical events; they also have spiritual meanings and messages for all times.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe has been interpreting and articulating those messages for over forty years. The essays in this volume are adaptations of some of the talks of the Rebbe delivered on festivals, Chassidic holidays, fast days and other Jewish days of note.

The essays presented here represent only a fraction of the Rebbe’s thoughts on these topics. From the immense wealth of material available we have chosen one essay for each holiday as a representative sample of the Rebbe’s works.

The essays are arranged in the order of the Jewish calendar beginning from Rosh HaShanah. They include essays on all the Biblical festivals, the Rabbinic festivals, the fast days, special Shabbosim, other days of note such as 15th of Av, the themes of some of the months, and Chassidic festivals. The Chassidic festivals associated particularly with the Rebbe, such as 11th Nissan, have not been included as they would require a separate volume to do justice to such a subject.

The Rebbe’s talks were delivered in Yiddish. These essays, which are both translations and adaptations, of necessity depart from the Rebbe’s literal words. As such, all responsibility for their accuracy is the translator’s.

Yosef Loebenstein adapted and translated the texts from their Yiddish originals. Yosef Yitzchok Turner was responsible for the elegant layout and typography. Rabbi Yonah Avtzon encouraged and supervised the project from inception to conclusion.

May we very soon merit to hear again the Rebbe’s talks in the future Redemption.”

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