Day to Disconnect… October 2.

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With the advent of new technology our lives should have become progressively simpler, happier and more connected. But is that what is really happening? Seems that with the myriad gadgets we invent to enable us to stay connected, the more disconnected we become.

We might be attending a stimulating lecture, enjoying a night out with friends, yet our hands are tapping in text. We might be spending time at the park, watching our toddlers in the playground, but our fingers and our mind are distracted with ‘important’ matters. We could be sitting in a restaurant, soft music in the background, enjoying dinner with our spouse, yet each of us is glued to our respective phones.

Connected or Disconnected?

Friends have forgotten how to communicate, to share a laugh or a muse. Couples connect through texts and not conversations. Parents spend more quality time with their phones than with their kids. In this technology-immersed and busy zeitgeist what does this mean we need to pause and recalculate. For what was supposed to enhance the quality of our lives has diminished it.

It is time to take a stand. Time to disconnect even if only for one hour.  One hour to disconnect… and reconnect. To focus on those most precious to us, Our Families. Parents. Spouse. Children. Ourselves. And of course, our Creator. How will spend your “disconnect”?  With whom will you choose to reconnect?

Ohr Naava presents a Day to Disconnect. October 2, 2011. Create the Revolution

A Day to Disconnect is a worldwide movement, spearheaded by Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein of Ohr Naava, which will take place on October 2, 2011. On that day thousands of people will voluntarily unplug their gadgets for some time – an hour, two or even all day. During this time, those who chose to disconnect will take pleasure in cherished relationships be it spouses, children, family, self or G-d.

A Day to Disconnect Project’s goal is accumulate a total of one million hours. Can you imagine the impact of thousands of people choosing to disconnect their phones for an hour?

Can you visualize the amount of good accomplished during this time? Can you feel the impact of couples taking a walk together basking in nature and fully focused on one another? Can you see the glee in the hearts of the children who share their dreams, hopes and fears with honestly attentive parents? Can you see the intensity of the laugh lines on grandparents’ faces as they passionately share stories of yesteryear uninterrupted by texting? Can you imagine an hour without obsessively checking your cell for messages?

An hour where you feel present in the moment, an hour to close your eyes and be transported by the intricacies in a piece of music, an hour to communicate with our hearts, an hour of peace? Can you visualize the creativity and power that will be unleashed? The possibilities are truly awesome. Life is Great. Disconnect and Enjoy.

How it Works

By signing up you are choosing to make a commitment to disconnect from all technology in an effort to synchronize a meaningful hour or hours with yourself, your friends, your family and/or with G-d.

Simply complete the registration form on the website and you have now joined the revolution. To be an active participant and create an impact on the world, recommend this website to friends and family.

The more hours you commit and get others to commit the greater your ultimate reward. You are restoring relationships, fostering inner peace, closing chasms and offering nature its due.

Upon registering you will receive a follow-up email confirming your inclusion in Day to Disconnect. Your personal page will reflect how many of your family and friends signed up as a result of your suggestion.

Register to disconnect at


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