Come Listen

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Ta-Shma a Hasidic Jewish rap group, rather new on the scene, having released its debut album, `Come Listen,` in 2006. They are part of a small but vibrant Orthodox pop music scene which is characterized by religiously inspired lyrics.

The significantly more famous Matisyahu, featured on Ta-Shma’s album in the song Rachamana is another example of this emerging genre.

The core members of Ta-Shma are Chuna Silverman and Menachem Shapiro from Brooklyn.

* * *

Some tracks of  Come Listen are fantastic.  Good and Grey, for example, has a simple klezmer violin lick morphed and scratched over a funky bass drum that is extremely danceable (the author did the head nod thang).  The message of the track, too, is unique: Life is full of confusing choices making nothing really black or white. You know what? That’s
okay – it’s what life is about.

Journeys (featuring Y-Love, another orthodox hip-hopper) is also a treat.  With a deep funky bass line, Journeys is a
deeply personal song that discusses each rappers experience with Judaism and how they came to where they are now.  Where have you heard pop music explore these dimensions?

Woman of Valor (featuring Andy Statman) is also good with a kick ass great reggae/dub beat to it  (…).

Come Listen is a great first effort.  It shows the deep rooted passion of its core members: Chuna Silverman and Menachem Shapiro and that this Hasidic Hip Hop thang actually has more legs and isn’t a gimmick.

by Josh Zapin

Customers reviews

I’m feeling this.  Shine is a beautiful song, and I aint even mad at the guitar solo outro. I dig the Matisyahu track too, it’s cool to hear him flow on a hip-hop track. I really found this album to be on point musically and lyrically. Who’s that dude E-Shy? He kills it on Arise-O-Rise. I feel like I just discovered a whole new sub-culture. Sweet! The album is full of really catchy songs that won’t leave my head. Ta Shma, I came and I listened. And I loved. Keep it up. G-d Bless! (Shieldof Abraham)

True Jews with beats gadol! Crank up the new wave Baal Teshuva flow, heavy on the profundities, slinging lines in rhymes like bochers chasing l’chaims with limes. Jew or not, you owe it to yourself to come listen, hear the revolution in faith through chassidus. This isn’t the niggun Zayde taught you, and these aren’t Erik B. and Rakim; still, Ta Shma succeeds in bringing them together for a fabrengen, a seuda featuring a dose of emes, truth. Produced by the same talents that produced Matisyahu’s first, Arise…, this is a must for your iPod.

Album: Come Listen

Price: $9.99
Genres: Hip Hop/Rap, Music,World, Hip-Hop, Reggae
Released: Sep 19, 2006
℗ 2006 Jewish Music Group, LLC

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