Hanukkah App For The Whole Family – Play Matisyahu’s Song Happy Hanukkah [iPad App For Jewish Kids]

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Celebrate Hanukkah with Matisyahu and Mibblio.  Jam along to Matisyahu’s hit, “Happy Hanukkah”, which is now a mibblet. “I’ve personally enjoyed using the app to teach the song to my kids and share in the holiday joy with them.” – says Matisyahu.

“Mibblio is a world full of Mibblets – illustrated story-songs that invite kids to read, sing, and jam along. ” Each song is illustrated, given visual text, and surrounded by many instrument variations that users can add to the song’s existing music.  The songs different instruments can also be toggled on and off allowing you to create an original tune to some new and familiar songs!

Now how about Matisyahu and Hanukkah?  Well, the original Matisyahu happens to have had a role in the story of  Hanukkah as the father of Judah the Maccabee.  But, if you Google “Matisyahu and Hanukkah”, the first page is all about the American reggae singer. ‘Happy Hanukkah’ was released by the artist in 2012, and this year it has been turn into a fantastic Mibblet.

‘Happy Hanukkah’ Jam-Along takes Matisyahu’s catchy song and sets it to beautiful illustrations.  Included lyrics let users easily follow along with Matisyahu’s singing. The simple interface makes choosing instruments a breeze.  There are three separate instrument areas available: keyboard, strum pad and percussion encompassing such instruments as piano, acoustic guitar, accordion, high hat and more for a total of 23 instruments to choose from. ” (from review by The iPhone Mom)


  • Jam along using Mibblio’s keyboard, “strum pad”, and percussion instruments
  • Discover new instrument combinations by muting and soloing individual audio tracks
  • Understand the key to developing music by building the layers of a song
  • Enjoy the beautiful and adorable illustrations

Instruments include

  • Strum pad: Acoustic guitar, banjo, ukulele, electric guitar, harp
  • Keyboard: Piano, guitar, violin, vibraphone, saxophone, clarinet, flute, accordion
  • Percussion: Tambourine, snare, maracas, rimshot, high hat, triangle, bongos, claps, cowbells, vibraslap

App: Matisyahu’s ‘Happy Hanukkah’ Jam-Along by Mibblio


Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Category:  Books
Updated:  December 02, 2014
Publisher:   Mibblio, Inc.
Price:  Free (get app)

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