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Soncino Hebrew-English Talmud for iPhone and iPad

Few weeks ago Davka Corporation has released its new Jewish app Soncino Hebrew-English Talmud for iPhone and iPad. The Soncino Talmud presents the Talmud, the central text of Rabbinic Judaism, in Hebrew and English, together with a speedy search engine that allows users to search the text in both languages, quickly locate relevant results, and(…)

Mishna Yomi – New Audio Jewish App For Mishna Study [iOS And Android]

With a new Jewish app from Johannesburg, South Africa you can join now an English Mishna Yomi Shiur. Mishna study covering two Mishnayot every day (about 10 minutes) on the worldwide Mishna Yomi Programme. Alternatively you can learn any book of the Mishna at your own pace and in your own time. The app also(…)

New Daf Yomi App For iPhone And Android – Shiurim By Rabbi Shmuel Wise

Finishing Shas, while certainly one of the greatest achievements a Jew can accomplish, is a goal that has been generally viewed as unrealistic given its length and complexity. That is, until recently. The past half-century has seen a dramatic popularization of the R’ Meir Shapiro’s ingenious system called Daf HaYomi, in which Jews the world(…)

Major Texts Of Judaism In One App [iPhone And iPad App]

Torah Library for iOS, the newest, just released by Davka app, is a powerful, mobile Jewish library that enables you to search a vast collection of classic Hebrew texts in seconds, quickly locate relevant results, and view full texts instantly. Torah Library contains a wide assortment of the major texts of Judaism, including Tanach and commentaries,(…)

Radical Rabbis: The Adventures of Hillel and Shammai – Tractate Eiruvin 13b As An iPhone Jewish Game

Radical Rabbis: The Adventures of Hillel and Shammai iOS app is an adaptation of the classic Talmudic story of  Hillel and Shammai. What happens when two rabbinical houses clash on opinions? Radical Rabbis! They are radical due to their strong opinions as well as being rad. As retro is in right now, and nothing is(…)

Davka Hebrew Writer For iOS Upgraded With Built-In Tanach And Talmud Must Have Tool For Jewish Educators And Students

Davka Corporation has released, a major update to its Hebrew-English word processing app Davka Hebrew Writer for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. New Davka Hebrew Writer  includes a unique Hebrew Text Library feature, which provides access to the Hebrew texts of the Tanach,  Mishnah, and Talmud.  This feature is especially useful for students of(…)

Torah And Science, Talmud, Pirke Avot, Musar, Life after Life And More In One App

Lectures by Rabbi Yosef  Mizrachi. Rabbi Mizrachi has spoke in more than 4000 lectures, participated in many weekend seminars, radio shows, and others in English and Hebrew. Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi was born in 1968. He was raised in Israel where he studied until 1986. In 1986, he was drafted to the Israeli Military (IDF) and served(…)

Artscroll Has Officially Launched The Artscroll Digital Library For Android Users

Artscroll has officially launched the Artscroll Digital Library for Android users. Android users can now download the app on the  Google Play Store and download a free volume immediately. Android users will experience the same level of features and content that iOS users on iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch devices already have. The app features the Schottenstein English Talmud powered(…)

Torah Video Game For iPhone

Torah Game is the first of  its kind game for the iPhone.  Follow the road of  Yaniv in his way to the Talmud Torah: a real rush time with lots of obstacles on your way.  In Torah Game you will also find about 500 questions of all levels about several themes of  Torah: Dinim, Parasha,(…)

[Update] Schottenstein Talmud iOS App Now With 3D Scene Imagery & Multicolor For Highlighting

As many of you know, RustyBrick in partnership with Artscroll and the Schottenstein and Wasserman families, released the  Schottenstein Digital Edition Of  The Talmud  as an iPad and iPhone app back in July of last year. The latest release of the Artscroll app, which is already available for download via Apple’s AppStore, has a bunch of new features. Two most(…)

The Shmuz – An Engaging, Motivating Torah Shiurim On Your iPhone

The Shmuz is a 45 minute,  an engaging,  motivating yeshiva style Torah shiur focuses on major issues of  life. Issues ranging from “working on anger” to “learning to be a better spouse” — from “understanding the reason behind davening” to “what my purpose is in this world”.  So many of concepts that we take as given(…)

New Torah Lectures App Released By Rabbi Zalman Manela

New Torah lectures app has been released by R. Zalman Manela of  JewishEverything.net. This app connects you to audio lessons on hundreds of topics presented by Rabbi Dr. Avrohom Twersky, Rabbi Zelig Pliskin, Rabbi Dovid Grossman, Reisman, Rabbi Yisroel, Rabbi Zalman Manela, Rabbi Daniel Korobkin, and many others. (Requires a data or Wi-Fi connection). App:  Torah Lectures by Ace(…)

Good News for Jewish Educators, Students And Rabbis: Popular Davka Docs Now Includes The English Translation of Tanach

Davka Corp. have released Davka Docs 2, the second version of  popular add-on to Microsoft Word for Windows, that integrates Hebrew texts directly into the Word ribbon. The newest version now includes five texts — Tanach, Rashi on Chumash, Siddur, Mishnah, and Talmud. In addition, Davka Docs now includes the English translation of  Tanach, plus(…)

Free Podcasts – Mishna by Mishna: Sukkah By Rabbi Joel Padowitz

If you want to know all the “basic principles” of  Shas  (The Talmud), this is your big chance. These live recordings will provide you with a clear grasp, “Mishna by Mishna”. Each is presented in an unrushed, articulate English with an emphasis on ensuring you understand the principles being conveyed and how the many details(…)

ArtScroll Has Released The Schottenstein Talmud In A Long-Awaited iPad App

This much anticipated Talmud App has been the talk of the Jewish community for almost six months.  After several months of development and countless lines of code, the Schottenstein English Talmud is now available in digital format for Apple iPad users. ArtScroll Digital Library app  is now available for download in the Apple iTunes App Store. The ArtScroll(…)