Get Reminders To Count The Omer, Daily Meditations In New Free Jewish App [iPhone, Android]

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Get Omer reminders, Omer blessings, daily meditations and more in new Jewish app created by team. Never miss counting the Omer with up to three smart daily reminders. Keep track of your count with the Omer Count Log. See how much time remains for each day’s count.  Add meaning to your Omer count with daily meditations.(…)

Zmanim App For iPhone And Apple Watch – Jewish Apps By Moshe Berman

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Ultimate Zmanim is the premiere zmanim app for iOS, now with even more features. Ultimate Zmanim calculates zmanim using your GPS, so you don’t need an internet connection to use it. There’s also a rich location picker, so you don’t have to be online to set it up. Ultimate Zmanim doesn’t stop with the daily(…)

Ultimate Omer 2 – The Sefira App You Can Count On


The Omer is counted from the second night of  Passover through the night before Shavuot. It is best to count the Omer at nightfall, immediately after the evening prayer. Ultimate Omer 2 is a Sefirat Ha’Omer Jewish app for iOS created by Moshe Berman (more his apps here). It includes the texts of related blessings and prayers for counting the(…)

Smartphone Can Help You Learn How, When and Why To Say Kaddish [iOS And Android Devices]

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Reciting Kaddish is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your departed loved one. You may discover it also to be integral to your mourning and healing process. However, saying Kaddish can be daunting, for those experiencing a loss for the first time and have not had to say Kaddish before. Kaddish Assistant,(…)

iKaddish By Davka For Apple Devices Teaches The Recitation Of The Mourner’s Kaddish

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Kaddish is a traditional Jewish prayer that is said daily with a quorum of at least ten Jewish males who are over the age of thirteen.  The word Kaddish means sanctification, and the prayer is a sanctification of G-d’s name. The mourner stands and says the Kaddish while the quorum responds in unison with the appropriate phrase .(…)

Kaparot App For The Eve Of Yom Kippur

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Tefilat Kaparot is a Jewish ritual practiced by some Jews on the eve of Yom Kippur. The person swings a live chicken or a bundle of coins over one’s head three times, symbolically transferring one’s sins to the chicken or coins. The chicken is then slaughtered and donated to the poor for consumption at the pre-fast meal. In this application you’ll find(…)

Ashkenazi Jews Start To Warming Up To Rosh Hashana With Their Selichot [iOS App]

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In the Sephardic tradition, Selichot on the second day of the month of Elul and recite  Selichot  throughout  the  entire Elul (Selichot for iPhone according to the nusach Sephardi). In the  Ashkenazic tradition, it begins on the Saturday  night  before Rosh  Hashanah –  this year  Selichot  (according  to Ashkenazi  custom) begin after midnight of Sunday(…)

Prayers of Repentance – Selichot For iPhone According To The Nusach Sephardi [Update]

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In the Sephardic tradition, Selichot are said beginning with the month of  Elul (1st day of Rosh Chodesh Elul this year August 27) , through Yom Kippur to help worshippers direct their hearts and minds to the process of teshuvah, repentance.   At  the  Selichot service, worshippers begin to examine  their  deeds of the past year,  seeking forgiveness from G-d, and promising(…)

Wake Up King David To Ask The Almighty For Full Redemption And Peace [Psalms Apps]

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A letter from a soldier in Gaza: Today our hearts are pounding in fear. Who of us will die? And who will return safely? We are your messengers in fighting . We are fighting so you can live peacefully with your children. So you can stay alive. We are your protection. Will you be ours?(…)

Sefer Tehillim (Psalms) App With Text And Audio Files (Mp3)

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Natan Rolnik is a young generation former Brazilian developer who started his career as a creator of Jewish apps before becoming a part of the team of some Israeli start-up. It is thanks to this guy we can rejoice in the presence on our iDevices of the monoliths of the Jewish literature such as Mesilat Yesharim(…)

Psalms App For iPhone And Android

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With RustyBrick’s  Tehilim  app you have options for reading by chapter, day of month or day of week. The text is presented in both English and Hebrew and provides settings for showing one or the other or both. Features By Chapter/Perek, By Day of Month, By Day of Week English and Hebrew Texts Easy to(…)

Read Psalms In The Original Hebrew And Understand The Meaning Of Every Word (iOS App)

Hebrew Psalm Reader

The Hebrew Psalms Reader by TES  (Torah Educational Software)  is available also on the iOS devices.  App includes complete Book of  Psalms – 150 Chapters. The Psalms Reader was developed to give the user the ability to read Psalms in the original Hebrew and understand the meaning of  every word. This is the most advanced(…)

Read Tehilim (Psalms) On Your iPhone

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Esh Tehilim  is  another app  with  Psalms. In the standard  books of Psalms, the 150 chapters are grouped into seven portions, so that they can be completed every week, and into thirty portions, so that they can be completed every Jewish month. Some people recite Psalms according to the weekly cycle, while others follow the(…)

Find Or Create A Minyan When Traveling Or While Out At Social Events With The Help Of A New Smartphone App


RustyBrick, Inc. latest app for iOS and Android once again shows how technology can make Jewish life easier. The Minyan Now, iOS and Android app, allow Jewish people to create a minyan. Often, it is hard to find or “get” a minyan when traveling or while out at social events. This app solves that problem(…)

Forgot To Count The Omer Last Night? There’s Really No Excuse, You Have Apps For That…

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We are now in the process of doing a daily count of the Omer, (the 49 days between Pesach and Shavuot), as the Torah tells us “u’sefartem lachem” to actually count these days one by one, as we head on a journey from slavery and exile in Egypt to exodus and Divine revelation at Sinai.(…)