Jewish-Themed Stickers For iMessage [iPhone App]

Liven up your iMessage texts with Davka Shtickers, featuring over 90 fun and funky Jewish-themed stickers for iMessage. Davka Shtickers is ideal for Holiday and Shabbat greetings and celebrations, perfect for sending congratulations and messages to family and friends or just for fun. App: Davka Shtickers by Davka Corporation Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (iOS(…)

Israeli Startup Parento Helps Parents Disconnect From Work And Their Phones And Spend More Time With Their Kids.

All over the developed world, it’s often lamented how our mobile, plugged-in culture has made it harder for parents to spend quality time with their children. Anyone who has visited Israel, or knows Israelis, will be aware how family-oriented they are. But many Israelis also find it challenging to balance an increasingly lopsided work-life equation.(…)

Decorate Your Purim Photos With Cute Jewish Stickers [The Shticker iPhone App]

Decorate your photos with dozens of  cute Jewish, and not only, stickers. Take a photo with your camera or grab one from your gallery then glam it up by adding fun images like silly masks, colorful kippot, Jewish foods,  Judaica, and  more.  Get creative. Includes: – Everyday Jewish stickers – Purim holiday stickers – Passover(…)

Free Special Chai Elul Issue Of Just Jew It – All About The Month of Elul And Iran Deal‬

“Israel’s welfare is in the best interest of the United States, because Israel is the front line against the Arabs. The Arabs are against the United States no less than they are against Israel — and perhaps even more so! And it is imperative that there be a strong Israel in order to inhibit the(…)

Jewish Wedding Planner For iPhone

APP   The Jewish Wedding Planner app contains, as developer claims, everything you need to plan the Jewish wedding of your dreams. The Jewish Wedding Planner curates in app and online resources for: checklists, registry, Jewish etiquette and advice from wedding professionals, highly touted vendor recommendations, bridal craft tutorials, wholesale décor, seating charts and more. App(…)

The Jewish Emergency Network Emergency Response iPhone App

APP  The Jewish Emergency Network (JEN) Emergency Response mobile app is an enhanced and dedicated Mobile Panic Button with an integrated Location Map Tracker and Personal ID details. The JEN app is there to provide you and your family with a powerful tool should you ever be in an Emergency situation and you need a(…)

The Jewish Women’s Health [iPhone And Android App]

 APP  The Jewish Women's Health app aims to facilitate communication between doctors and their patients by providing easy access to information. Features Outline of questions to ask your doctor before and after an appointment or examination Strong search feature Ability to share articles Easy to navigate Easy to read Ability to contact a Doctor Yoetzet(…)

Amy’s Jewish Mom On Her Answering Machine [iPhone App, CD, EBook]

Amy’s overprotective  mother  called  her constantly, leaving messages with unsolicited advice and opinions. Amy saved Mom’s messages for over a decade, and she shares them on “The Mother of All Comedy CDs”. She also released “Amy’s Mom” iPhone app. Amy’s Borkowsky wild ride from life as a typical single woman in New York City to becoming dubbed, “the(…)

Synchronize And Navigate Your Day-To-Day And Jewish-Religious Needs All In One App [iPhone, Apple Watch, Android]

Get the most important information from Chabad.org each day including the current Jewish date and holiday name, notification for key Jewish times, like when Shabbat begins and halachic times, personal Jewish event reminders for birthdays and yahrzeits, personalized alerts for Jewish observances based on date and location, a daily quote and access to daily Torah(…)

If There Is A Student With An iPhone, Then He Needs To Be Kicked Out Of The Yeshivah…

In his weekly shiur, Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, the Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel, said “If there is a student with an iPhone, then he needs to be kicked out of the yeshiva, without a doubt, for sure.” As reports “Times of Israel” Chief Rabbi also spoke of an incident in which he destroyed one of his(…)

New Meaningful And Inspiring Issue Of The Interactive Digital Magazine “Just Jew It” For Months Of Tammuz And Av

Meaningful and inspiring for the summer months of Tammuz and Av issue of the “Just Jew It” already on the iTunes Newsstand. “Just Jew It” – interactive digital magazine – is designed especially and exclusively for you to enjoy on mobile devices. Included in this issue The Secret of Starbucks, and what we can learn(…)

Jews Of Ioannina, Greece [iPhone App]

Long before the Diaspora of 71 A.D., Greece was the gateway through which Jewish people reached the rest of Europe. Its Jewish population was made up mainly of Greek-speaking and Spanish-speaking Jews. Greek-speaking Jews, or Romaniotes, have lived in Greece continuously, since Hellenistic times (3rd century B.C.), as testified by archaeological and historical evidence. The(…)

Impress Your Jewish Partner Or Friend And His/Her Family By Learning The Basics Of Jewish Customs

Never again miss the holiday that may be important to your Jewish partner, family and friends who adopted you as a Shikse/Sheygetz. iShik is an easy-to-use reminder of the most important Jewish holidays and customs. This app offers you tips on how to address important Jewish occasions, and is built as an introduction to anybody(…)

New Israeli App Enables The Blind To ‘Hear’ Images

Have you ever heard colors? Heard shapes?  In order for the blind to perceive colors or shapes,  Hebrew  University  researchers   use a sensory substitution device (SSD) that transforms images into pieces of music, enabling the blind to “hear” pictures. With the New Israeli app  EyeMusic  one hears pleasant musical notes, which convey information  about  colors,  shapes(…)

Who Has A Crush On You? New Jewish Dating App

Jspace  just has released, its newest product, Jcrush, a location-based Jewish speed-dating app where users can find, chat and meet up with “crushes” near them. Right now it’s only available on the iPhone, but we are working on a version for Android! Jspace is a content-based website  that  has everything from Jewish dating and travel(…)