Orayta app for Android

Many Sifrei Kodesh in the palm of your hand. This app enables you to read and learn from many Jewish books, from any Android phones. App includes all books of Tanach, Mishna, Gemara, Rambam, and many more. You may also search for text in the book’s contents. This app is free le’Shem Shamaim. This version(…)

On Your Way

“ובלכתך בדרך” (…while you walk on the way) – app created by Roi Reshef  “On Your Way” is one of the biggest  free collections of Sifrei Kodesh for iOS devices (Hebrew only)   Contains: – Siddur – Tanach with Rashi, Onkelus, Eben Ezra, Ramban Sforno and more – Mishna – with Bartenura and Tosafot Yom Tov(…)

E-Seforim are here. Thousands…

E-Seforim are here.  Thousands of them.  And you can experience them anywhere. PowerSefer offers a large library of classic Jewish books, beautifully reset in crisp, clear modern typefaces, adjustable to any font size.  Collection includes rare and out-of-print books, adapted for easy electronic reading and learning. Seforim preserve the feel and format of traditional printed(…)

Talmud Keys (update)

The Talmud students can now enjoy an updated version of  Talmud Keys 1.1 –  Hebrew-English dictionary by Davka. The updated version offers some new features such as: adding additional Hebrew-Aramaic words, utilizing right-to-left text entry for Hebrew, and standard left-to-right text entry for English translation. Thanks to the new features the whole product becomes more(…)

Jastrow Dictionary for iPhone

Do you know who it was Marcus Jastrow? I’m sure the answer is: yes, of course. He was a renowned Talmudic scholar, most famously known for his authorship of the popular and comprehensive A Dictionary of the Targumim, Talmud Babli, Talmud Yerushalmi and Midrashic Literature. Jastrow Dictionary of the Talmud is the only book by a non(…)

40,000 seforim in 1 iPhone

Hebrewbooks.org was founded in order to preserve old American Hebrew books that are out of print and/or circulation.  Many American  Rabbis wrote seforim (Hebrew books) in the early part of the 20th century. They have long since passed away and in many instances so has their holy work. Currently Hebrewbooks.org’s mission has expanded to include(…)

Sefer ha-Khuzari

Judah Hallevi’s Kitab al Khazari translated by Hartwig Hirschfeld – this work was originally written in Arabic. (Kitab al-Ḥujjah wal-Dalil fi Nuṣr al-Din al-Dhalil, كتاب الحجة و الدليل في نصرة الدين الذليل (known in the Hebrew translation of Judah ibn Tibbon by the title Sefer ha-Kuzari) A classic of  Medieval Jewish philosophy,  set in a legendary (but historical) central(…)


Sacred Texts of Judaism is an anthology of Judaism’s most prominent religious works. This exciting collection brings together 35 texts of central importance to the Judaic religious tradition. Browse topics via the table of contents – or shake your iPhone/iPad/iPod to receive random wisdom from deep within the texts themselves. All texts have been optimized(…)

Jewish Fairy Tales and Legends

A well-told collection of Midrash and Talmudic lore for children by “Aunt Naomi” (Gertrude Landa) “Jewish folklore is full of vivid stories that both entertain and teach. This book is based on tales from the Talmud and Midrash. While some of the themes are familiar from fairy-tales and folklore from other traditions, the stories in(…)