Jewish-Themed Stickers For iMessage [iPhone App]

Liven up your iMessage texts with Davka Shtickers, featuring over 90 fun and funky Jewish-themed stickers for iMessage. Davka Shtickers is ideal for Holiday and Shabbat greetings and celebrations, perfect for sending congratulations and messages to family and friends or just for fun. App: Davka Shtickers by Davka Corporation Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (iOS(…)

Friday Night Shabbat Service [iPad App]

The traditional melodies of  Kabbalat Shabbat on this app are sung by a seasoned, professional Cantor. The psalms and blessings are enriched with the wisdom and explanations of a learned, professorial Rabbi, all polished off with the latest cutting-edge recording technological and graphic wizardry of multi-award winning SoundTrack Recording Studios. Now there is an opportunity(…)

Michael Laitman’s Weekly Torah Portion – Jewish App For Your Smartphone And Tablet

Every Saturday at shul, usually preceding the reading of the weekly Torah portion, the Rabbi talks about the morals in the portion and gives it a contemporary flavour. Not in this app. Michael Laitman’s Weekly Torah Portion App offers innovative ideas on the process of the world’s correction,  known as Tikkun Olam. Dr. Laitman is(…)

Let’s Bake Challah! The Jewish Baking App For Kids

What’s something Jewish that everyone loves? Challah! Let’s Bake Challah is a new iOS app from G-dcast.  It’s the whole challah experience for mobile device.  Let’s bake challah without getting hands sticky.  Mix it, braid it, bake it, decorate it, bless it and eat it. Fun for kids 3 to 6. Plus, they’ll learn and practice the Hebrew blessings(…)

[Update] Free Shabbat Shalom – Candle Lighting Times – iOS App By RustyBrick

The Shabbat Shalom iOS app will allow you to quickly check the candle lighting times, havdalah times and parsha for the week in any location in the world. This comes in handy when you quickly want to know when Shabbos is or if you want to know if it is too late to call your in-laws in(…)

An Interactive, Animated, Talking Shabbat Book With Games – ‘This is the Challah’ for iPad Is A Perfect Read-Aloud For Bedtime

This is the Challah is a new interactive, animated, talking Shabbat book with games for iPad created by Behrmans House . Children can listen and read along with the narrator, or even record you or themselves reading aloud. Bubbe is preparing for Shabbat and her granddaughter gets to help with a very important part: baking the(…)

Zmanim Shabbat New App

Shabbat Saver is a free, cute little app that tells you Shabbat’s enter and exit times (Candle Lighting Times). It accomplishes the task without the need for an internet connection. Select your  location from a list of cities around the world by pressing the city label in the main screen (when the globe button is(…)

Besiyata DeShemaya iPhone app

Keep the Jewish tradition and display the acronym ,בס”ד on the home screen of your iPhone. If a piece of writing is intended to be kept for at least a short amount of time, there is a firmly established custom to start by writing an acknowledgement of Divine assistance at the top of the page.(…)

Jewish Times from Yeshiva Beit El

Sometimes the Friday errans take longer than you planed, the Shabbat is approaching and you are not sure when will it enter… To what date to set the Passover Seder at your Aunt’s house? What is the Torah Reading of the week at your nephew’s bar mitzvah? The Jewish Times app powered by Tapuz* in cooperation with(…)

iShabbat Time

Developer’s description: A Candle lighting, Havdalah and Parsha times for any location in the world. In the Jewish home, the close of the Shabbat is marked with a special ceremony, called Havdalah (“differentiation”). Over a brimming cup of wine, to the multi-flamed light of a braided candle and the smell of aromatic spices, we recite:(…)

Torah and Haftarah reading – Bechukotai

“TRbechukotaiTeacherEdition” app lets you learn the leining (reading) of the Torah and Haftarah for the weekly portion of Bechukotai at your own pace and wherever it’s most convenient for you. It includes the seven aliyot of Behar (Leviticus 26:3 – 27:34), the Haftarah (Jeremiah 16:19 – 17:14), the Torah blessings and the Haftarah blessings. Not(…)

Torah Reading

Unique app that will help you to improve your Torah readings abilities. Ideal for people who want to learn Taamey Hamikra according to the Sefaradi Yerushalmi custom. Provides you the necessary accents for Torah Reading, according to the Sefaradi customs in your iPod, iPhone, iPad, with accurate Hebrew Grammar reading by cantor Zohar Yashar Includes exhaustive explanation(…)

New app with Divrei Torah

This is the official iPhone App for gTorah is a volunteer based Dvar Torah website. It was founded in 2009 with the intention of filling the niche and demand for the fantastic works on Torah and the multitude of concepts that are physically and intellectually at hand for Hebrew speakers, but not so for(…)

iShabbat in Behrman House

Learn or refresh reading and singing the Shabbat blessings with your own interactive iShabbat V1. Touch-n-Read technology lets you read along and hear every word. Sing along too! Record mode makes it easy to practice reading the Hebrew words and automatically saves your last recording. Play your recording anytime for your friends, parents, teachers, or(…)

Shabbat Alarms

At last, alarms that you can use Shabbat and Yom Tov! The iPhone will ring ONCE for each alarm, no button to press, no snooze. The alarms will ring even in sleep mode, no need for the application to be launched or to leave your iPhone on. Just leave it in sleep mode (preferably connected(…)