Hebrew Alphabet – Ma Kore

Ma Kore presents Hebrew Alphabet, the award winning iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app that makes learning to read Hebrew simple and fun. Designed especially for busy students on the go, around the school or abroad. Reference features – Includes all Hebrew letters including nikkud (vowels) and final forms – High-quality audio pronunciation by native Israeli(…)

Rabbi Pinto

Daily Divrei Torah, live conferences and weekly lessons by Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef  Pinto Shlita (app in Hebrew). Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto (born 1973) is an Orthodox Sefardi rabbi born in Israel, who lives in New York City and Ashdod and heads a global ministry. In addition to his religious work, Pinto is known for his work and influence with business and(…)

Bike Rental

Tel-O-Fun – Ride around Tel Aviv-Yafo at your leisure. Tel Aviv-Yafo joins other large European cities in offering residents and visitors bikes for rent. Why walk or drive when you can ride? Now you can rent a bike in Tel Aviv! Forget about the traffic and looking for parking, and sign up to the Tel-O-Fun bike(…)

Israeli Football

The official Israel Football Association iPhone app a genuine home for Israeli football fans. Live and breathe Israeli football? “Live from one Saturday to another”? The IFA free iPhone app keeps you updated on everything that has to do with Israeli football and Israeli national football teams. The new IFA iPhone app includes: real time updates(…)

Hyundai iPark

It’s well known that parking is hell in the city. Every parking spot is worth fighting for or squeezing into, no matter how small. In addition, with the hectic urban lifestyle often people forget where they parked their cars. iPark, Hyundai’s Israel new parking app, helps Hyundai drivers park their cars and remember where they(…)

Alef Bet by RustyBrick

Who spends the most time using your iPhone or iPad while you are at home? Yes, it is your child.  And you know they love those animated and fun educational games. RustyBrick has designed its  first iPhone app designed specifically for Jewish children to learn the Alef Bet, the Hebrew alphabet. The application is an interactive(…)

Send flowers

iZer allows you to buy flower bouquets directly from your iPhone. Send gifts to the people you care about with the iZer app. Order gifts to be sent to your family, partner or friends even if you’re on the move. iZer app allows you to get reminders about your friends events and browse through a variety(…)

Greeting Cards Application Creator For Rosh Hashana

iGreet – a new way to send an interactive Rosh Hashana greeting card to your friends and family, quick & easy. Just 4 simple steps – in 60 seconds or less. Create a personalized greeting app like a small interactive book which will engage, entertain and fascinate the person getting it. Link to your friends(…)

App for soldiers

Application for IDF soldiers, that shows you how long have you served and how much time you still have left. Easy to update and to understand. Great for moms who have more then one child in the army to count the days. At the start screen it also have funny sentences that will make you smile after(…)

Orhot ha-Tzadikim

Orhot ha-Tzadikim (The Ways of the Righteous) has been printed about five hundred years ago. Some of  its major sections are devoted to pride, modesty, love, compassion, zeal, truth and repentance. App Sefer Musar Orhot ha-Tzadikim with nikud and search option (ספר מוסר אורחות צדיקים עם ניקוד ואפשרות חיפוש) App: Esh Orhot Zadikim אש אורחות צדיקים by Elyahu(…)

Shabbat Blessings

Need an easy way to learn to recite the Shabbat Blessings? This is the app to use. Learning “Line-by-Line” is the best and simplest way to learn. Listen line-by-line to the correct pronunciation of the words while seeing the written words in both Hebrew and English. Learning is private and at your own pace. Also,(…)

Bus Line

Bus Line is a free application that lets you navigate in Israel through all transportation companies, train & buses, using a simple user interface. Find your routes by typing your origin and destination. After you choose a route, you can navigate through the bus/train stations on a map using GPS. When setting up notifications on arrival,(…)

Protest Tents

Would you like to say something?  Want to protest?  Would you like to see against what other people are protesting?  Put protest on the map,  share  it on Facebook  and join other people’s protests. With the app “Ohalim” (Tents) it can be done from anywhere and at any point.  Look for a suitable place on the map and with one-click set up a tent.  Expresse your protest, share it with your  friends on Facebook. שימו את המחאה שלכם על המפה,(…)

Taglit for iPhone and Android

HebrewNEXT is the official Hebrew flashcard app of Birthright Israel NEXT, bringing Hebrew right to your iPhone, and making it quick and easy to learn. Whether you’ve never studied Hebrew or are just looking for a refresher, HebrewNEXT offers a fun way to pick up Hebrew on-the-go! Featuring a bank of key phrases for travel(…)


Educational game where your children will learn the Hebrew letters in a graphical way. Each letter has a painting that will help your children to identify and remember the letters easy and in an interesting way. . Each letter has a recording voice to teach your kids how to pronounce it correctly. In addition there(…)