Hebrew From Insight Out: Va’Yikra

This new exciting application is part of  Ulpan-Or iHebrew™ series of Hebrew learning books and applications. It presents to the reader fascinating insights, parables and commentaries associated with all the ten weekly Torah portions included in the book of Leviticus – Va’Yikra. The main objective of this application is to assist the user in accessing(…)


Read the Megilat Esther from your iPhone or iPad. Simple, with clear layout free app with Hebrew text of Megilat Esther and built in noisemaker. App created by appStudio, developer from Israel. . App: iMegillah by appSTUDIO Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Category: Books Released:  February 22, 2012 Publisher:  appSTUDIO Price: Free (get app) There is Android version of(…)

HaShem Melech

This application is based on the Facebook page “HaShem Hu HaMelech”. The purpose of the application is to bring and expose the Judaism to anyone who wants to show its sweetness. More than 150 thousands of Jews have already joined the group … אפליקציה זו מבוססת על דף הפייסבוק “ה’ הוא המלך .מטרת האפליקציה לקרב(…)

Free Bentching App for iPad

Get to know the traditional Bentching tunes. The Bentching App  is a unique and personal way to learn the traditional Jewish “Grace After Meals” prayers & tunes. Based on highly acclaimed “Complete Bentching CD“  by Cantor Adam Davis. This LITE version includes all the text and translitterated English, with a sample page of the Audio Accompaniment available in the(…)

Free eTalmud app

  Study Talmud anywhere night and day on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The app downloads tractates and stores them for later use – so you will always have access to the Talmud. (Note: for entire Talmud you will need approximately 650 MB of free space). The pages are formated as a Vilna Talmud and have(…)

Date Converter

Free Hebrew Calendar Converter developed by appSTUDIO  allows you easily convert between the Gregorian calendar and the Hebrew calendar. Perfect for calculating times of Jewish Holiday and finding your Hebrew birthday. Find out when Passover, Yom Kippur is with just one easy click. You can also calculate when to observe a Yahrzeit. App: Hebrew Calendar Converter by(…)

Hebrew Puzzle

Kids love jigsaw and wood puzzles. Kids 1st Shape Puzzle will provide your kids hours of entertainment and fun learning Hebrew and English first words. Place the pieces correctly on the puzzle to hear the word and sound – animal’s sounds, transportation sounds, letters, numbers, and more. Eye and ear catching puzzle enhances matching and listening(…)

‘Hebrew from Insight Out’ App

This new exciting application is part of  Ulpan-Or  iHebrew  series of  Hebrew learning books and applications. It presents to the reader fascinating insights, parables and commentaries associated with all twelve weekly Torah portions included in the book of Genesis – Be’Reshit. The main objective of this application is to assist the user in accessing biblical(…)

Train in Israel

TrainTime Israel is the first application to allow people in Israel to search for train travel routes using their mobile device. Select your origin and destination, and we will calculate the entire route for you! including train switches and timing options. (app in Hebrew) קח רכבת זו האפליקציה היחידה בישראל המאפשרת לחפש מסלול נסיעה שלם ברכבת,(…)

Rambam’s Mishneh Torah – משנה תורה לרמב”ם

The Mishneh Torah, the first comprehensive code of Jewish law, was composed by Maimonides (1135-1204), one of history’s most preeminent Rabbis. Written while Maimonides resided in Egypt, it is considered an extraordinary work. The Mishneh Torah, considered a fundamental Rabbinical work codifying Talmudic law, is studied around the world. The Mishneh Torah app is perfect(…)


New in Israel – BeePark – a mobile reminder service for turning off paid parking – let’s you save unnecessary parking costs … Run BeePark Immediately after running the parking operator.  The application will detect your parking location and alert you when returning to the vehicle to turn off the parking service and thus prevent unnecessary costs(…)

Cyber Monday Apps’ Sales

Two of Davka’s best-selling apps, Tanach Bible, and Alef Bet Schoolhouse, are on sale this Thanksgiving weekend through this coming Monday, for just 99¢ each. Tanach Bible is an ideal study tool for the Hebrew and English Bible on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Features crisp Hebrew text with precise placement of  Hebrew vowels and(…)

Besiyata DeShemaya iPhone app

Keep the Jewish tradition and display the acronym ,בס”ד on the home screen of your iPhone. If a piece of writing is intended to be kept for at least a short amount of time, there is a firmly established custom to start by writing an acknowledgement of Divine assistance at the top of the page.(…)

Zikaron3D – game for kids

Zikaron3D Match pairs of cards by turning over the cards in this fun and addicting card matching game which trains your memory. Click on a card to flip it over. If the next card you flip matches the first card, they disappear from the pool. Clear the board with as few tries as possible. Have(…)

Quick Hebrew

Forget learning how to ask directions to the nearest municipal swimming pool. According to developer’s promise this app will help you learn all the most common used Hebrew words in one week. As kids we were memorizing hundreds of words without effort. It worked due to strong associative memory and connection between words and sensation. Developers believes(…)