Face To Kotel App Directing You Exactly The Western Wall In Jerusalem

FaceToKotel is an app directing you exactly the Western Wall in Jerusalem, from all over the world. This application designed to calculate and display quickly, using the arrow that appears on – screen, the exact location of the Western Wall in accordance with the person’s current location, anywhere in the world – so he could pray(…)

Learn Hebrew Writing On Your Device

Learn Hebrew Writing on your device. A fun way to pick up new language and practice it whenever you like to.  Not just for preschoolers but adults too. In this app, your kid can practice Hebrew letters (upper and lower case) along with numbers. Features Learn to write small and capital Hebrew letters with your(…)

“Hebrew Immersion” App – One More Fun Way To Learn To Speak Hebrew

Hebrew Immersion is the fast, fun, and friendly way to learn to speak  Hebrew. Play fun “find it” games as you listen to and speak aloud Hebrew words and phrases while exploring real world environments. Match the pictures to the words and see how much you learn while you play.  Entertaining visuals help you speak(…)

Jewish Nicks App Translates Names From Your Contacts List Into Hebrew

Are You Jewish? Do You Have Any Jewish/Israeli Friends? This app will translates your contacts into Hebrew and add the translation as a nick name to original names. Now when you communicate you will be able to see their names not only in English but in Hebrew as well. App:  Jewish Nicks by Bar Levi Soft Compatible:(…)

The Hebrew Bible iPhone Application Designed For Reading And Studying Tanach

The Hebrew Bible iPhone application is designed for reading and studying the Hebrew Bible in either Hebrew, Aramaic (Torah only), or in a parallel translation format combining Hebrew and another language (at present, either English or French). It is also useful as a tool for improving one’s knowledge of Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Aramaic. It(…)

Faster And Easier Way to Send Text Messages And Emails, Update Facebook, Twitter, and Search the Web For Hebrew-Speaking iOS Users

Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search applications for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are now available for free in the Israel App Store, expanding the apps’ availability to 41 countries around the world. Dragon Dictation is an easy-to-use voice recognition application powered by Dragon Naturally Speaking  that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your(…)

Good News for Jewish Educators, Students And Rabbis: Popular Davka Docs Now Includes The English Translation of Tanach

Davka Corp. have released Davka Docs 2, the second version of  popular add-on to Microsoft Word for Windows, that integrates Hebrew texts directly into the Word ribbon. The newest version now includes five texts — Tanach, Rashi on Chumash, Siddur, Mishnah, and Talmud. In addition, Davka Docs now includes the English translation of  Tanach, plus(…)

New Hebrew Calendar for iPhone Fully Synchronized With Standard Calendar

New app with Hebrew Calendar  includes all the Jewish holidays, zmanim and more,  fully synchronized with built-in standard  iPhone’s  calendar. The application can be displayed in either English or Hebrew. You can also easily switch Hebrew to Standard (Roman) dates. Features: 1. An English-Hebrew calendar, including all the Jewish holidays 2. Fully synchronized with your standard(…)

Davar Hebrew: App Created With The Ancient Hebrew Student In Mind

Simple. Intuitive. Time saving. Davar Hebrew was created with the Ancient Hebrew student in mind. Review verb paradigms, learn pronominal suffixes, or study Hebrew vocab. Davar boasts over 1000 Hebrew vocabulary words and translations. If  Davar Hebrew app doesn’t have the vocab word you need, you can add your own. Davar Hebrew comes with pre-made study(…)

This Saturday Night Ashkenazim Begin Recitation Of Selichos. There is An App For That Too.

This Saturday night, after midnight, or in the early hours of the morning, Ashkenazim begin recitation of Selichos. We continue the recitation of Selichos on every subsequent weekday morning through Erev Yom Kippur. Selichos should be said before Shacharit, towards the end of the night. The end of the night is an “Et Ratzon” -(…)

iBless Food: Lookup Guide For The Hebrew Blessings Recited Before And After Eating [Update]

Davka Corporation has been released iBless Food 2.0 app for the iPhone and iPod touch, a major update to its popular lookup guide for the Hebrew blessings recited before and after eating. The new version of the app includes an expanded list of over 500 different foods, including appetizers, main courses, fruits, vegetables, snacks and desserts.(…)

Digital Library of Hebrew Children’s Books For iPad

Storyly is the first online service that brings you a complete digital library of  Hebrew children’s books. Your kids will love to browse and read stories from their personalized library. You will love the quality content and selection, including the classics and latest hits from Israel.  The goal of Storyly is to let your children connect(…)

Fun And Exciting Way For Children To Learn Hebrew Alphabet, Numbers and Colors

Hebrew Tots iPad app is a fun and exciting way for children of all ages to learn the Hebrew alphabet, numbers and colors. It is filled with graphics and images, all associated with a soft teaching voice. Children of all ages can enjoy this fun and educational app. Toddlers will be entertained by the attractive images(…)

Kids Love Learning To Write Hebrew – Especially When They Can Use Shaving Cream, Paint, and Jello.

“Hebrew Touch and Write” app was developed by real classroom teachers. It utilizes the fun and effective teaching strategy used in classrooms every day: learning letters by writing with shaving cream, jello, finger paint, and lots more fun textures. “Hebrew Touch and Write” app allows children to practice both “cursive” written Hebrew as well as(…)

Basic Hebrew Through Fun

Teach your child basic reading knowledge of  Hebrew through fun.  “First Word Hebrew” app is designed to make it easy. “First Word Hebrew” includes drawings and a voice that help a toddler to recognize new words and develop vocabulary. Application teaches over a hundred words divided into different categories: Animals Automotive Color Clothing Food Home Letters Musical Instruments Numbers(…)