Learn Hebrew By Playing Interactive Mini Games

Shalom Learning  launched the Prayer Player  iPad app, which allows students to learn individual Hebrew phrases by playing interactive mini-games before progressing to teaching entire prayers in sequence. Prayer Player offers a fun and convenient way to practice Hebrew reading and melodies. Multiple learning modes allow students to play bubble-pop word games or practice individual(…)

Gus, An Owl, Is Headed To Israel And Is Inviting Kids To Explore The Hebrew With Him [iOS App]

Gus on the Go for iPhone and iPad is one more way to learn Hebrew. Gus is an owl who’s on the go, flying around the world while teaching the languages he knows to the children of the world. This is the premise for an adorable new app, “Gus on the Go,” created by Israeli-born programmer(…)

Learn The Hebrew Alef Bet With Games And Puzzles

Alef Bet Farm is an educational app for kids and toddlers.  Learn the Hebrew Alef Bet with games and puzzles for fun and easy learning (designed for iPad2 and higher only).  .לימוד דרך משחק וסיפור בתמונות .כתיבת אותיות האלף בית .ומציאת מילים על פי האותיות המשחק נעשה בשלבים של כתיבת אותיות על פי סדר האלף בית.(…)

Hebrew-English-French-Spanish-German-Russian (And More) Dictionaries For iPad

Prolog is a publishing house specializing in language learning materials – dictionaries, phrase guides, self study courses. Prolog  Dictionaries App are completely transliterated,  in both languages (with Hebrew words transliterated into Latin letters and vice versa).  Stressed syllables are marked for clear and proper pronunciation.  Explanations are provided for choosing the desired translation. Feminine form is indicated.(…)

Bedtime Shema – Storybook & Prayer App For Kids

Few weeks ago,  mother of  Ronnie  &  Barry Schwartz  (RustyBrick) Adrienne Schwartz  suddenly passed away while visiting Israel for her grandchild’s  Bar Mitzvah.   Brothers turned their grief  into action.  To honour  their mother’s  memory developers  from RustyBrick have been created new beautiful app for Jewish kids. The Bedtime Shema  app  is a fun and interactive learning aid(…)

New Hebrew Calendar For iPhone

Use the familiar iPhone calendar, only with Hebrew dates beside the Gregorian, including Jewish Holidays,  Halachic times of the day (Zmanim),  and more. All regular features of the iPhone calendar are supported (Day and Year view coming soon) Show events and meetings from your calendars on a Hebrew calendar You can switch between Hebrew calendar(…)

New AlephBet App By Not-a-Box Media Lab Recommended by The Jewish Montessori Society

Designed to teach early Hebrew letter recognition to three-five year olds,  the AlephBet App offers parent and child learning opportunities at  anytime and provides young children and their parents the ability to learn the Aleph Bet in an interactive and engaging way.   It contains three different games to practice the letters.  The AlephBet App  is the first app to be recommended by  The Jewish(…)

Free ‘Fun With Hebrew’ For Kids

Fun With Hebrew application is aimed at small children learning Hebrew. The child will learn to associate pictures with words, and use games to identify sight words. The sight words method is well suited to children who already have the rudiments of the language (letters) but still struggling with words. The game includes original art(…)

Davka Tikun Korim For Preparing And Studying Torah Reading

The Davka Tikun features the complete layout of all the Torah readings in PDF format, in the traditional “tikun” layout. It works nicely on Windows, Mac, iPads, Kindle, Nexus 7, iPhones, and just about anything that has a PDF reader (click here to download the PDF manual for the Davka Tikun). The Davka Tikun looks(…)

Secure Spaces iPhone App Lists Shelters In Specific Areas

According to instructions from the Home Front Command, Israelis need to be aware of protected areas — bomb shelters, underground parking lots, and the like – where they work, live, and travel. Secure Spaces (מרחב מוגן) app lets residents know of secure areas they can go when alerted of a threat.  Secure Spaces for iPhone,  developed by(…)

Would You Like To Learn How To Spell Basic Hebrew Words?

Looking for an educational app for your kids? Want to learn how to spell basic Hebrew words? The iSpell עברית  (Hebrew) app has more than 50 images of numbers,  colors and animals to help your kids learn correct Hebrew spelling and improve their vocabulary as well as their general knowledge. Learning how to spell these words correctly(…)

Otiyot App – Learn How To Recognize And Write The Hebrew Letters

This is a game which learns how to recognize and write Hebrew letters – Aleph Bet – with sound association. This application has been developed with the help of teachers specialized in the Hebrew language assimilation.  No prior knowledge is needed. In the first stage, the letters need to be traced according to the arrows.(…)

Where Did All These Leaves Come From?, Hashem Loves Me And AlephBais: Three Cute Educational Apps For Kids

The Mish and Mush series of books have enchanted children,  parents and teachers  from many different countries. Mish and Mush, a delightful series of educational adventures shared by  Mish, Mush, Didi, Hush and a host of adorable characters.  Join Mish and Mush and their family and friends as they explore Judaism in a fresh, engaging and(…)

iBeracha, A Simple App Helps You Find The Proper Berachot For The Foods You Eat

Through reciting berachot (blessings), one would be inspired and grow in spiritual level and fear of  G-d.  As the Rambam explains, “berachot were instituted so that one should constantly remember and fear Hashem.” iBeracha is a simple and useful app to help you find the proper berachot for the foods you eat, at the time(…)

Pairs – Hebrew | English Bilingual Audio-Visual App For Android

Remember the game Snap or Pairs? Well,  Pairs – Hebrew | English  is the app version, except you also see how the words are spelled and pronounced in both Hebrew and English. Functionality: The player needs to pair up the same object in both languages. Whenever a card is pressed, the player hears the word pronounced(…)