Bestselling Textbook Ulpan Ivrit Is Now Available As An iPad App

The most modern, updated and bestselling  Ulpan textbook is now available as an iPad application. Two Books in one app: (1) Hebrew Ulpan – Textbook, 448 pages, for Hebrew learners, in Ulpan classes or  for self-study; (2)  Hebrew Ulpan – Solutions and Answers to all exercises, 192 pages. Swipe the app horizontally – and switch between the(…)

Happy New Year! Bonne Année! – !שנה טובה (Send As A Text Message Greetings For The New Year In Hebrew)

Especially for the Jewish New Year, application for greetings and best wishes. The application allows the sending of  text message greetings for the New Year in Hebrew. No need to know the language, just select the greeting out of a list, and press send it’s already translated it for you into Hebrew. Now you can(…)

Send From Your iPhone Personalized Greeting Cards For The Jewish Holiday

Like most image editing applications חג שמח (Happy Holiday) app allows to perform basic tasks: (1) Take a picture or select a picture from; (2) Zoom in, zoom out, rotate the photo and add various effects (effects menu is opened by pressing the button with the orange arrow; (3) Add a festive Jewish holiday frame (first button on the(…)

“Shanah Tovah” from iBracha

iBracha app offers ready-made Hebrew greeting cards for every occasion. App  contains a variety of ready-made templates with backgrounds and texts that can be combined to create custom greeting cards for a variety of occasions: Pesach, Rosh Hashana, Sukkot, Shavuot, Hanukkah, Purim, birthdays, weddings and more. You can send greetings as a MMS, by email as a cool image(…)

Learn Hebrew Alephbet: Letters And Pronunciation [Free iPhone App]

Hebrew1 is a simple app for learning Hebrew alphabet. With the help of this app you can learn to read and write in Hebrew. There are 22 basic letters in the Hebrew alphabet, app includes 23 cards – 22 for letters and 1 for short introduction. Cards showing letters in three forms: book print, manual print,(…)

Free Hebrew-English-Hebrew Dictionary By eTeacher Group

A comprehensive bi-lingual dictionary with up-to-date vocabulary, including slang and useful expressions. The dictionary is fully transliterated, into both languages (with English words transliterated into Hebrew letters and vice versa); stressed syllables are marked for clear and proper pronunciation; explanations are provided for choosing the desired translation; feminine form is indicated / Over 70000 entries.(…)

Hebrew At The Speed Of Light With Ulpan-Or [iPhone & iPad App]

Are you scared of Hebrew?  Do you want to acquire it quickly the natural way? Do you want to have fun while learning Hebrew?  At last… there is a way to fulfil  your dream and get rid of your nightmare. “My First Hebrew Experience” an introductory level multimedia flip eBook – will help total beginners become(…)

Jewish Manuscripts And Printed Books From Braginsky Collection [Free iPad App]

Braginsky Collection shows illustrated Jewish manuscripts and printed books from eight centuries, breath-taking marriage contracts and richly decorated Esther Scrolls. The collection of the Swiss collector René Braginsky is generally considered to be the largest private collection of  Hebrew manuscripts in the world. It also contains a fair number of fine early printed books. The(…)

Free Hebrew Vocabulary For The Ultra-Busy People

WordPower – Lite is the ideal solution as you learn to read, say and understand essential Hebrew vocabulary in just seconds. WordPower – Lite comes with audio recordings of a native Hebrew speaker  and a voice recorder so you can master perfect pronunciation of words and phrases anywhere,  any time.  Study at your convenience at(…)

HaSiddur Sheli – New Jewish Prayer Book For Children [iPhone & iPad App]

My Siddur  is a beautiful, user friendly, transliterated,  Hebrew | English siddur app – prayer book with audio.  Siddur Sheli  is an audio visual prayer experience. My Siddur (HaSiddur Sheli)  is a powerful, revolutionary program to provide the most effective, fastest method of  learning how to Daven / pray in the original Hebrew text, the(…)

New Hebrew-English Note-Taking App Allows You Write Hebrew With Nikkud [iOS App]

Hebrew Notes is the essential Hebrew-English note taking app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Hebrew Notes expands on iOS’s built-in right-to-left editing capabilities, by adding Hebrew vowel point entry with the unique ‘Nikud Toolbar’, that allows users to enter the appropriate vowel points that appear above and below the letters. This feature is especially(…)

Learn Spelling Hebrew With A Free iPad App

Learn spelling your first 26 Hebrew words and the look of the letters and their pronunciation, the look of the words and their pronunciation and using a simplified Hebrew keyboard.  Method:Choose a graphicListen to the word and pronounce itFind the letters for the wordYour help is adjusted for every letter you press.Repeat the word as neededApp:(…)

Children Can Start Learning To Pray And Sing Shabbat Songs With Halleli iPhone App

Halleli iPhone app is designed to give your child an experience of  learning and memorizing  simple prayers and songs. This app includes: Shabbat songs (Zemirot),  Brachot (Blessings) and the morning prayers. It’s like a basic Siddur for a children. הללי נועדה לתת לילדכם חוויה מוזיקלית וויזואלית של לימוד ושינון ברכות מסדר היום והשבת. הללי כוללת(…)

Interactive Jewish Prayerbook For Kids [iPhone & iPad App]

The Kids Siddur app strives to teach young children the basics of daily prayers while providing an interactive and entertaining educational experience. Through the use of music,  animation,  and touch screen interaction,  the Kids  Siddur  app offers a fun and engaging approach to learning the traditions of daily Jewish prayer. סידור לילדים נועד ללמד את(…)

FlashCards Hebrew Lesson for iPhone

This app ensures your new language learners (kids to adult) to learn Hebrew words in easiest way. Builds vocabulary and pronunciation of basic words in categories like Animals, Birds, Body Parts, Vegetables, Fruits, Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Calendar and Alphabet with word game. Useful for Babies, pre school or kindergarten kids and language learners of any(…)