Read Psalms In The Original Hebrew And Understand The Meaning Of Every Word (iOS App)

The Hebrew Psalms Reader by TES  (Torah Educational Software)  is available also on the iOS devices.  App includes complete Book of  Psalms – 150 Chapters. The Psalms Reader was developed to give the user the ability to read Psalms in the original Hebrew and understand the meaning of  every word. This is the most advanced(…)

Read Tehilim (Psalms) On Your iPhone

Esh Tehilim  is  another app  with  Psalms. In the standard  books of Psalms, the 150 chapters are grouped into seven portions, so that they can be completed every week, and into thirty portions, so that they can be completed every Jewish month. Some people recite Psalms according to the weekly cycle, while others follow the(…)

Watch Israeli TV News Channel 2 Through Free iPhone App

Watch  Channel 2 News Israel TV (Hebrew) anywhere and anytime on your iPhone: – 24 hour news updates – Real time video from the field – All Channel 2 News programs available to view on demand (VOD) – Weather forecasts updated regularly Channel 2 News – with you everywhere. מעכשיו אתה יכול לראות את חדשות ערוץ(…)

Davka Hebrew Writer For iOS Upgraded With Built-In Tanach And Talmud Must Have Tool For Jewish Educators And Students

Davka Corporation has released, a major update to its Hebrew-English word processing app Davka Hebrew Writer for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. New Davka Hebrew Writer  includes a unique Hebrew Text Library feature, which provides access to the Hebrew texts of the Tanach,  Mishnah, and Talmud.  This feature is especially useful for students of(…)

A New Complete Self-Study Course For Learning Hebrew [iPhone App]

A new complete self-study course for learning Hebrew, featuring a fully transliterated text (PDF) for English speakers and 30 videos for self-instruction. The entire course (over 3 hours of taped instruction) is narrated by Dan Kaner and Hani Nahmias. Their narration turns learning into an ongoing enjoyable experience while helping learners absorb Hebrew more easily(…)

Simple Hebrew Fortune Teller For iPhone

The Hebrew Fortune Teller is an old-fashioned fortune teller with a Hebrew twist. Ask a yes or no question in your best Hebrew,  shake your device, and get your answer. App: Hebrew Fortune Teller by Rabbi Eli Garfinkel   Compatible:  iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Category:    Entertainment Released:   January 27, 2013 Publisher:  Rabbi Eli Garfinkel Price:  Free(…)

One Minute Of Torah For IDF Soldiers [iOS And Android Apps]

With the mobile app  Daka Torah  (hebr. One Minute  of  Torah)  IDF soldiers can learn a minute of  Torah,  whenever… they will get free one. App includes material from the IDF rabbinate,  weekly and daily Torah study, lectures on  Judaism from  Chief  IDF  Rabbi, Rabbi Rafi Peretz. There is also zmanim section,  a compass, reminders,(…)

Mobile App For Soldiers-to-Be, Soldiers And Ex-Soldiers Of The Israel Defense Forces

The Israel Defense Forces have unveiled its major smartphone application. The app, called Pakal, will allow soldiers, reservists and future soldiers to check their personal file, catch up on relevant news, and even begin training, simply using their phone. The application is intended to make information more accessible to soldiers in the field, who often lack(…)

Start Learning Hebrew With Living Language [iPhone App]

Start learning Hebrew right away with free lessons. The experts at  Living Language  take you beyond the basic phrasebook. Living Language offers a complete course that will teach you how to speak Hebrew right from the start using essential words and phrases. They taught millions how to speak new languages over the past 65 years, and(…)

The Gates Of Prayer Are Never Closed [Siddurs Tehillat Hashem For iPad]

There are several variant forms of the nusach HaTefillah—the prescribed order and text of the prayers. The most widely followed are nusach Ashkenaz, nusach Sefarad, the “Poilishe” nusach, nusach Teman, and nusach HaAri. The basic form and text of the prayers—having been formulated and ordained by the  Anshei  Kenesset  HaGedolah (Men of the Great Assembly) and by(…)

Davka Hebrew Writer Is A New Bi-Directional Hebrew-English Word Processor For Apple Devices

DavkaWriter is the premiere Hebrew-English word processor for Windows, featuring full support for nikud and trop and many enhancements that automate Hebrew-English text preparation (check out update – here). DavkaWriter can handle everything from short documents and memos to full-length books and articles. It contains a wealth of powerful tools that make it easy to(…)

TropeTrainer For iPhone And iPad – App For Bar Mitzvah Teachers, Cantors, Rabbis And Jewish Educators

With over a decade in the desktop Jewish software market,  Kinnor’s TropeTrainer became the standard for Bar/Bat Mitzvah teachers, cantors, rabbis and Jewish educators. Get the exact same TropeTrainer clarity, accuracy and flexibility on your iPhone and iPad with Kinnor Software’s new TropeTrainer Mobile Jewish app for iPhones and iPads.  You get text for the(…)

Translate, Learn And Speak Hebrew With A New iPhone App

Thanks to the  Hebrew Pretati  translation app, you can have conversations in Hebrew to find out everything about must check out places, the people and the culture of Israel.  Hebrew Pretati is that unique language translation app that utilizes video and audio lessons to help travellers from all over the world easily learn and have(…)

Learn Hebrew Without Feeling The Learning With A Jerusalem Post Ivrit iPad App

The Jerusalem Post Ivrit  application allows people with basic reading abilities in Hebrew to learn Hebrew without feeling the learning. While reading current and interesting magazine content, the reader acquires new vocabulary, practicing proper construction of sentences and develops the skill of reading a newspaper in Hebrew. Titles in English and French and glossaries of(…)

Free Siddur App For iPhone By Omer Lev [Update]

SiddurApp is a siddur application, enabling the users to view the Jewish prayer book on their iOS device.  It currently contains only the Sephard  (not “Edot Ha’mizrach”, but the version commonly used by many Ashkenazi Israelis and various chasidim)  version of  the prayer book. On activation, the “Smart” panel shows the relevant prayer for that(…)