Jewish Apps For High Holidays

Tishrei is sanctified with more commands and festivals than any other month. Commencing with Rosh Hashanah, which begins the Yamim Noraim (Days of Awe) or Asseret Yemei Teshuva (Ten Days of Repentance) which are conclude with the holiday of  Yom Kippur, through  Sukkot and  Hoshanah Rabbah,  Shemini Atzeret and  Simchat Torah. These holidays celebrated in the Hebrew month of  Tishrei are among the most(…)

Rabbi Shalom Teaches Your Kids Hebrew, Berachot and Kiddush Of Rosh Hashanah (3 Apps)

Rabbi Shalom is a funny Rabbi. He will help you to find ways to keep your kids interested in  Jewish tradition and basic Hebrew. App “Learning Brachot” – Tap the Microphone icon and talk to Rabbi Shalom, he will repeat everything you say. Tap the Grape icon, the Rebbe takes his Kiddush glass and does the prayer for the grape(…)

Blumenkrantz Pesach Digest Goes Mobile

Pesach Digest Application integrates the clarity of the Pesach Digest with the ease of modern technology. Now, the world renowned Pesach Digest can be at your fingertips, but after in-app purchase ($6.99), you get… zmanim for erev Pesach free. Just updated, this Jewish app has been developed by Moshe Berman. The Pesach Digest App is(…)

The STAR-K Comprehensive Passover Information & Product Guide For iPhone

STAR-K’s Kosher info app offers for kosher consumer information  not only for Passover but for  year round. For many years, Rabbi Gershon Bess has prepared a Guide for Pesach Medications and Cosmetics. The information found in this guide is based upon Rabbi Gershon Bess’s extensive research, conducted over several decades, with pharmaceutical manufacturers. The app(…)

You Don’t Have To Be Kosher To Love Kosher – ‘Joy Of Kosher Magazine’ High Holidays Issue Available For iPad

Whether you keep kosher or are just kosher-curious,, starring best-selling cookbook author Jamie Geller, is the ultimate online community for people with good taste who are passionate about food. features thousands of gourmet and everyday kosher recipes searchable by category (dairy, meat or pareve), cuisine, course, and/or holiday, plus cooking tips and tricks(…)

For The First 3 Years The Fruit Of A Newly Planted Tree Is Forbidden To Us – Orlah App

“And when ye shall come into the land, and shall have planted all manner of trees for food, then ye shall count the fruit thereof as forbidden; three years shall it be as forbidden unto you; it shall not be eaten. And in the fourth year all the fruit thereof shall be holy, for giving(…)

Is It Kosher? Ask Your Smartphone [Android And iOS App]

“Is it kosher?”,  free Android and iPhone app should help you find kosher and permitted food products  in any shop. Just enter the name of the product and press Search, app will scan kosher agencies databases for the kosher certifications details. “Is it Kosher? app got the 3rd prize in The Conference of European Rabbis contest(…)

South African Kosher Food And Services Guide For iPhone

South African Beit Din released its  official  Kosher Food and Services  Guide for iPhone.   Now you can search SA BD vast kashrut guide database (local products, a selection of imported products and approved alcohols) from your phone. App features also kosher airline caterers, delis and bakeries, supermarkets, fish shops, guest houses, institutions, restaurants and more.(…)

Kosher Cookbook By Gloria Kobrin An iPhone App With Over 300 Step-By-Step Recipes

Make the Kosher Cookbook your main shopping list.  Now you can add your own items and even send the shopping list via email. Overwhelmed by running your kosher kitchen? The Kosher Cookbook application for iPhone will hold your hand every step of the way!  “Shopping list” lets you manage your entire shopping list in one(…)

Free iPhone App Helps You Locate Any Kosher Restaurant Near You

Find a Kosher Restaurant App helps you locate any Kosher restaurant anywhere in the world. The app finds your location via GPS and shows you all the kosher restaurants nearby. You can also search for a Kosher Restaurant by using the search tool of the app where you can locate restaurants in a destination you(…)

The Manischewitz Recipe & Holiday Guide For iPhone

The Manischewitz  Company, the leader in kosher foods, has released their free recipe guide. With “The Manischewitz Recipe & Holiday Guide”  iPhone app, you will have instant access to hundreds of delicious kosher recipes for every holiday and any meal of  the day including; Rosh Hashanah, Passover, Shabbat,  Shavuot,  Chanukah, Thanksgiving, gluten-free, dessert, side dishes,(…)

Free Collection Of Thousands Kosher Recipes For iPhone

Kosher Nom Nom app is a collection of over, promises developer, 50,000 kosher recipes from the top recipe sites and allow you to find the recipes that match your needs. Choose between dairy, parve, and meat. Also find recipes for Jewish holidays. App: Kosher Nom Nom: Free tasty recipes meeting kashrut Jewish religious dietary guidelines(…)

Comprehensive List Of Kosher Symbols As A Free iPhone App

Throughout the world there are many different Kosher certifying agencies with many different levels of kosher observance. As such, it is quite common for an observant Jew to come across an unfamiliar kosher symbol on a food product or at an eating establishment. KosherQuest app provides users with a handy and portable kosher symbols reference. The(…)

A New ‘Grace After Meal’ iOS App By ‘Tools For Torah’

A new Birkon  app is a beautiful,  user friendly,  transliterated,  Hebrew | English  Bentcher  (Grace after Meals)  with audio.  The Birkon is a part of  My Siddur app  from Tools for Torah.  The Birkon works the same way. The Birkon is a powerful app to provide the effective, fast  method of  learning how to recite(…)

Tel Aviv Rabbinate Introduces Mobile Barcode Scanning At Kosher Restaurants [iOS & Android App]

Tel Aviv Rabbinate has introduced a new service that allows diners to check restaurants’ kosher certification for themselves. The service is aimed at preventing kosher fraud, in which restaurants print fake certificates when in fact there is no guarantee that the food served is kosher. Each certificate has a sticker with a bar code and(…)