Free High Holiday Guide For iPhone – From Rosh Hashanah To Simchat Torah

It’s no accident that, in one way or another, virtually every Jew participates in the holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The significance of the Festivals of the Hebrew month of Tishrei are so profound as to affect every Jewish soul, regardless of one’s degree of knowledge or commitment to Judaism. Tishrei is the(…)

Get Reminders To Count The Omer, Daily Meditations In Free Jewish App With Prayer Trainer [iPhone, Android]

Get Omer reminders, Omer blessings, daily meditations and more in new Jewish app created by team. Never miss counting the Omer with up to three smart daily reminders. Keep track of your count with the Omer Count Log. See how much time remains for each day’s count.  Add meaning to your Omer count with daily meditations.(…)

Free An Educational Pesach Guide And Commentary And Stories On The Haggadah By The Lubavitcher Rebbes (iPhone Apps)

“At Our Rebbes’ Seder Table” – commentary and stories on the Haggadah collected from the works of The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson and the preceding Rebbeim of Chabad. From a variety of texts, this commentary provides depth and vitality to the Seder experience. For the novice and the experienced, it provides clear and(…)

Just Jew It! Magazine For iOS And Android Shloshim Edition – March 7-8 – In Tribute To Rabbi Yehoshua Binyamin Gordon A”H

Latest issue of Just Jew It! Magazine, Shloshim Edition – March 7-8 – In Tribute To Rabbi Yehoshua Binyamin  Gordon A”H. Rabbi Yehoshua Binyamin (Josh) Gordon, the beloved Torah scholar, congregational rabbi and educator who taught thousands of students around the globe through the world’s most widely viewed daily Torah classes, passed away month ago(…)

Free Chanukah Guide With Insights Into The “Inner Dimension” Of Chanukah Observance

APP Chanukah, the Festival of  Light, is among the most widely celebrated of  Jewish holidays. It is a time for happy family gatherings around the menorah, for children’s songs and sizzling potato latkes and games of  “dreidel.” For many of us, it brings back fond memories of childhood, or serves to renew our sense of(…)

Analytical Studies Of The Rambam’s Rulings Concerning The Construction And The Design Of The Holy Temple

Analytical Studies by the Lubavitcher Rebbe,  Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson of the Rambam’s rulings concerning the construction and the design of the Beis HaMikdash. Our Sages explain that we are required to constantly “Seek out the welfare of Jerusalem,” to concern ourselves with the Beis HaMikdash is destroyed, studying its structure is considered by G-d(…)

Omer Counter App With A Kabbalistic Twist

The 49 days between Passover and Shavuot are known as the Omer. The days of the Omer are traditionally counted. This app is a tool to help count the Omer by keeping track of the count. Instructions for counting the omer are at This app is a collaborative work between David Cooper and Rabbi(…)

Jewish Done Joyfully – Lubavitch Of Bucks County iPhone App

In the fall of 1992,  with the guidance of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of blessed memory, Rabbi Yehuda & Miriam Shemtov were given the opportunity to expand the work of the Philadelphia Lubavitch Center by beginning to serve the spiritual needs of the fast growing Jewish population in the Philadelphia suburbs, focusing first on the Bucks(…)

RustyBrick Siddur For Mobile Devices Is On Sale Through Tuesday Night

To celebrate Chanukah, RustyBrick gives 50% off their Siddur Apps on iOS and Android, through Tuesday night.   Take your weekday siddur with you with this feature-packed Jewish prayer book. You’ll get Ashkenaz, Sefard, Sefardi Mizrachi and Nusach Ari  (Chabad*) versions of davening, including weekday Shacharis, Mincha, Maariv,  standard Brachos and more. Real time Zmanim(…)

Free Siddur App For iPhone By Omer Lev [Update]

SiddurApp is a siddur application, enabling the users to view the Jewish prayer book on their iOS device.  It currently contains only the Sephard  (not “Edot Ha’mizrach”, but the version commonly used by many Ashkenazi Israelis and various chasidim)  version of  the prayer book. On activation, the “Smart” panel shows the relevant prayer for that(…)

iPhone App Of Tiferes Yisroel, An Orthodox Synagogue In Baltimore, Maryland

Access information about Congregation Tiferes Yisroel  in Baltimore, Maryland. Congregation Tiferes Yisroel Bais Dovid, known as Rabbi Goldberger’s Shul is an Orthodox Jewish congregation located in northwest Baltimore.  The leader of the congregation is Rabbi Menachem Goldberger. Founded in 1986, the congregation is not affiliated with any of the various umbrella Orthodox organizations. It is(…)

Browse Library Of Jewish Videos With Great Kosher Content On Your Smartphone

Browse library of  Jewish videos with great kosher content to learn deep meaningful life lessons.  In app you will find the best selection of  videos on  Jewish themes,  traditions,  holidays,  parshah, Torah and Gemara lessons and more. Whether you are looking for inspiration, information, entertainment or practical instruction you’ll find it all at App:…)

The Weekly Living Torah Program Now Delivered Directly To Your Mobile Device Thanks To Jewish Educational Media

Living Torah app developed by Jewish Educational Media  which boasts the current Living Torah program featuring over 2.000 video talks, encounters, and archival moments with the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson. The weekly Living Torah program now delivered directly to your device. Learn Torah directly from a master Torah teacher. Browse clips on a breathtaking array(…)

Daily Torah Study From The Apple Newsstand

Chayenu is a weekly Torah publication (in Hebrew & English) focused on the daily study cycles of Chumash (with Rashi), Rambam, Tanya and more.  Chayenu also features fresh content from a variety of relevant and inspirational Torah sources including classical commentaries and current original content.  Founded in 2009,  Chayenu now distributes more than 5000 copies(…)

Chabad Synagogue Of NW Coral Springs Florida [iOS App]

The Official app for the Chabad Synagogue of  NW Coral Springs Florida – new  way for congregants to keep informed about all the activities at the synagogue. App allows congregants to check dates and times of special upcoming events & services.  Provide diving directions from your current location to Chabad Synagogue of  NW Coral Springs.(…)