Fun, Inspirational And Educational Torah App For Children [iPhone, iPad, Android Devices]

shazak app parsha torah for kids cover

 APP  Finally, a fun, inspirational and educational Torah app for children. This new Jewish app brings weekly Torah stories to your children and Jewish students. Every weekly Torah portion is filled with full color drawings and rich audio portraying these beautiful stories. Children can even participate in the stories through the built-in coloring pages to bring(…)

Mobile App With A Daily Mitzvah Lessons In Maimonides’ Sefer HaMitzvos

maimonides monument1

 APP  Study the Daily Mitzvah with Rabbi Mendel Kaplan while reading along in English or Hebrew.  Choose a date on the Civil or Jewish Calendar, or go straight to today’s Mitzvah. Join Rabbi Mendel  Kaplan as he explores the daily lesson in Maimonides’ Sefer HaMitzvos following the daily study cycle. You’ll complete all 613 commandments(…)

Daily Torah Study App For Android

daily study android app1

 APP  Daily Torah Study Jewish app gives you easy access to daily Torah lessons from Lessons include: Chumash with Rashi Rashi’s commentary is an indispensable part of a person’s daily studies. His explanation of Chumash, the first five books of the Torah, clarifies the “simple” meaning of the text so that a bright child(…)

Smartphone Can Help You Learn How, When and Why To Say Kaddish [iOS And Android Devices]

kaddish assistant cover1

Reciting Kaddish is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your departed loved one. You may discover it also to be integral to your mourning and healing process. However, saying Kaddish can be daunting, for those experiencing a loss for the first time and have not had to say Kaddish before. Kaddish Assistant,(…)

The Jewish Women’s Health [iPhone And Android App]


 APP  The Jewish Women's Health app aims to facilitate communication between doctors and their patients by providing easy access to information. Features Outline of questions to ask your doctor before and after an appointment or examination Strong search feature Ability to share articles Easy to navigate Easy to read Ability to contact a Doctor Yoetzet(…)

Synchronize And Navigate Your Day-To-Day And Jewish-Religious Needs All In One App [iPhone, Apple Watch, Android]

hayom app chabad1

Get the most important information from each day including the current Jewish date and holiday name, notification for key Jewish times, like when Shabbat begins and halachic times, personal Jewish event reminders for birthdays and yahrzeits, personalized alerts for Jewish observances based on date and location, a daily quote and access to daily Torah(…)

First Jewish App Released For New Apple Watch

chabad zmanim for apple watch 021

Watch out! Watch this! Many clever lines will draw attention to the novelty of the upcoming Apple Watch, but right now, all eyes can turn to the first Jewish app for the new gadget, which will make the technology even handier for many users. Released on April 21, a much-anticipated Jewish app for the watch(…)

New Daf Yomi App For iPhone And Android – Shiurim By Rabbi Shmuel Wise

daf yomi cover1

Finishing Shas, while certainly one of the greatest achievements a Jew can accomplish, is a goal that has been generally viewed as unrealistic given its length and complexity. That is, until recently. The past half-century has seen a dramatic popularization of the R’ Meir Shapiro’s ingenious system called Daf HaYomi, in which Jews the world(…)

Get Reminders To Count The Omer, Daily Meditations In New Free Jewish App [iPhone, Android]

omer chabad cover1

Get Omer reminders, Omer blessings, daily meditations and more in new Jewish app created by team. Never miss counting the Omer with up to three smart daily reminders. Keep track of your count with the Omer Count Log. See how much time remains for each day’s count.  Add meaning to your Omer count with daily meditations.(…)

EmoJew – Free Jewish Emoji App For iPhone And Android

emojew 011

Emojew is the world’s first Jewish emoji app. App was created by Baumann Ber Rivnay – Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv for an Israeli organization Latet in order to bypass the problem of  ‘text message donations’  that where blocked by cellular operators. Make your family and friends happy, send them messages with funny icons for the Holidays.(…)

New Passover Issue Of The “Just Jew It” Is Ready For Download [iOS And Android Devices]

pesach just jew it3

Subscribers to Just Jew It! Digital Magazine enjoy videos, how-to articles, stories, interviews and anecdotes from world renowned authors for the celebration of Jewish life, holidays, and customs, as well as exclusive interviews and articles of interest relating to current times in one Jewish app. New, Passover, issue of the “Just Jew It” is ready for(…)

“Passover – The Ten Plagues” Interactive Storybook for iOS and Android Devices


You and your child can learn about Passover together with “Passover – The Ten Plagues”, new app developed by Corky Portwine, a Los Angeles-based mobile app developer and eBooks publisher for kids. “Passover – The Ten Plagues” is a fun and interactive storybook  tells of the plagues G-d sent to punish Egyptians and how Jews were freed(…)

Follow Moses Along His Journey To Free His People With A Mobile Interactive Game For Kids

tabtale moses feat1

Meet Moses and join the Jews as they flee Egypt in the interactive app for iOS and Android powered devices.  Teach young children the Passover story with games. The Biblical story of Moses and Passover comes to life in an app made for young kids. Interactive elements will teach children about Moses, the Ten Plagues,(…)

No Chametz – Free iPhone And Android App Helps Searching, Destroying And Selling Chametz

challot chametz

The night before Passover demands Chametz to be nowhere near you  (bedikat chametz this year Thursday evening of the April 2). The custom says to place ten pieces of bread all over the house and then find it. The bread should be packed in a particular way:  first wrapped in some material that burns easily(…)

Jewish Game For iPhone – Exodus: A Jewish Photo Scavenger Hunt App

exodus feat1

Help two kids pack up to leave Egypt in this simple photo scavenger hunt. Take pictures of everyday items with your phone or tablet that capture Jewish values. Listen closely as Ethan and  Daria  give you clues that will have you searching for that perfect item to photograph. After, review your photos with a grown-up(…)