LocalSukkah App For iPhone And Android Powered Devices Lets You Find A Sukkah Near You [Worldwide Sukkah Directory]

sukkah cover

A world-wide registry of  Sukkahs  has been updated, and is listed online. The directory has been designed for Jews to locate a  Sukkah near to them, so that they can go there to eat. The idea of this service is not to list every Sukkah, but to try and have a Sukkah listed for every(…)

EmoJew – The World’s First Free Jewish Emoji App For iPhone And Android

emojew 011

Emojew is the world’s first Jewish emoji app. App was created by Baumann Ber Rivnay – Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv for an Israeli organization Latet in order to bypass the problem of  ‘text message donations’  that where blocked by cellular operators. Make your family and friends happy, send them messages with funny icons for the Holidays.(…)

Rosh Hashanah App For Kids By Corky Portwine

rosh hashana porky cover

“Rosh Hashanah – The Jewish New Year” is an educational app for kids. It’s an educational book app to teach children about the holiday. The app teaches about Rosh Hashanah customs, lets kids hear the shofar. “Rosh Hashanah – The Jewish New Year” app also includes a dozen greeting cards that can be emailed to family and(…)

Israeli Businesses Are Under Fire, Buy Products And Services From Businesses In The South Of Israel [Facebook Page And Android App]

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Following three weeks of intense rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, a group of dedicated Israeli citizens has banded together to form Israeli Businesses Under Fire, an initiative aimed at preventing the recent escalation with Hamas from destroying the economy of southern Israel. Israeli Businesses Under Fire allows people from across the world the opportunity(…)

Why We Mourn? Suffering Associated With Absence Of The Holy Temple [Just Jew It]

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The fast of Tisha b’Av, the saddest date on the Jewish calendar, is the day which saw the destruction of both Holy Temples, as well as many other tragic events throughout our nation’s tear-soaked galut (exile). A mournful mood is carefully created. We read Jeremiah’s Book of Lamentations and a lengthy collection of elegies which(…)

Temple Timeline – The Story Of The Beit HaMikdash [Android Game]

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Are you happy with your kid shooting birds for hours on your smartphone?  Have you ever tried to find a Hanukkah present for your kids that they would enjoy, yet it would also enrich and teach them something Jewish? Perhaps a mobile game, that is also educational? Agadeta Games released Temple Timeline,  a first Jewish mobile(…)

A New Android App Helps Interpreting The Torah

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The Oxford English Dictionary defines Gematria as  “a Kabbalistic method of interpreting the Hebrew Scriptures by interchanging words whose letters have the same numerical value when added”. The Torah has many layers to it. There is the simple meaning of the words and then there are the secrets behind the words a kind of Code(…)

Manuscripts From The Cairo Genizah On Your Mobile Devices [iOS & Android – Update]

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The Friedberg Jewish Manuscript Society (FJMS) was established as a not-for-profit organization in 2007. Its object is to educate the public by translating, transcribing, cataloguing, preserving and making available to the public Jewish manuscripts and other Jewish books and documents. In 2009, FJMS entered into a joint venture agreement with The Friedberg Genizah Project to(…)

New Meaningful And Inspiring Issue Of The Interactive Digital Magazine “Just Jew It” For Months Of Tammuz And Av

JJI 001

Meaningful and inspiring for the summer months of Tammuz and Av issue of the “Just Jew It” already on the iTunes Newsstand. “Just Jew It” – interactive digital magazine – is designed especially and exclusively for you to enjoy on mobile devices. Included in this issue The Secret of Starbucks, and what we can learn(…)

Wake Up King David To Ask The Almighty For Full Redemption And Peace [Psalms Apps]

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A letter from a soldier in Gaza: Today our hearts are pounding in fear. Who of us will die? And who will return safely? We are your messengers in fighting . We are fighting so you can live peacefully with your children. So you can stay alive. We are your protection. Will you be ours?(…)

Psalms App For iPhone And Android

tehilim rustybrick

With RustyBrick’s  Tehilim  app you have options for reading by chapter, day of month or day of week. The text is presented in both English and Hebrew and provides settings for showing one or the other or both. Features By Chapter/Perek, By Day of Month, By Day of Week English and Hebrew Texts Easy to(…)

Channel 2 News Israeli TV For Android Powered Devices

channel 2 android

Channel 2 News – the leading news TV channel in Israel – now also available on Android powered devices. 24/7 Live News Channel, news updated, economic updates, tech updates, weather forecast, TV programs VOD. App: Channel 2 News by Channel 2 News Updated:  July 17, 2014 Price:  Free (Google Play Link) (for  iPad  only  version -(…)

Israel Missile Alerts Google Glassware – The Newest Jewish App For Google Glass

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RustyBrick just released their second app for Google Glass –  “Israel Missile Alerts”. This Google Glassware, Glassware is what Google calls an app for Google Glass, provides real-time updates on missile attacks against Israel. Google Glass is completely hands free and will send immediate alerts to subscribers to the app of missile attacks in Israel.(…)

Find Or Create A Minyan When Traveling Or While Out At Social Events With The Help Of A New Smartphone App


RustyBrick, Inc. latest app for iOS and Android once again shows how technology can make Jewish life easier. The Minyan Now, iOS and Android app, allow Jewish people to create a minyan. Often, it is hard to find or “get” a minyan when traveling or while out at social events. This app solves that problem(…)

Smart Mobile Payment And Ticketing Platform For The Public Transport From Israeli Startup

hop on app2

An Israeli startup HopOn  have created a “smart mobile payment and ticketing platform for the public transport, taking the simplification of transport ticketing to a new level,” according to their site. According to Times of Israel, David Mezuman, HopOn’s CEO states: “We use ultrasonic sound to validate passenger fares with payments made by the user’s(…)