Hebrew Glossary

Hebrew is a Semitic language of the Afro-Asiatic language family. Culturally, it is considered a Jewish language. Hebrew in its modern form is spoken by more than seven million people in Israel while Classical Hebrew has been used for prayer or study in Jewish communities around the world for over two thousand years. We have(…)

iTalmud English Edition

ENGLISH TRANSLATION & SEARCH – A complete, searchable translation with thousands of footnotes, references and insights. AUDIO LECTURES – Daf Yomi lectures are fully integrated and 100% free. Choose from a selection of popular speakers (maggidei shiur) in a variety of languages, styles & skill levels. You can listen to a shiur/lecture on any daf(…)


iTalmud is the reason the iPhone was created” – A (very, very) happy user. ABOUT THE TALMUD The Talmud (or Gemara) is the supreme source-book of all Jewish Law and tradition. More than just a legal text, it is also a wellspring of ethical principles, and ultimately a guidebook to life. Its rigorous study has(…)

Shakshuka (Israel Radio)

Stay connected with Israel with over 30 radio stations, plus get the latest major news (news are available only in Hebrew). שקשוקה !שקשוקה מציגה: האזינו לרדיו ישראלי וקבלו מבזקים מכל מקום בעולם השארו עם היד על הדופק, קראו את תקצירי החדשות החמות בזמן שאתם מאזינים למצעד השבועי‪.‬ הרדיו עובד עם חיבור אינטרנט סלולרי, אבל לתוצאות(…)

Jewish Mother

Now you can have a hilarious, bite-sized version of your own Jewish mother, trapped in your iPhone. With over 100 (and growing!) hysterical, guilt-ridden phrases, she’s everything you need to make your friends & family laugh. She’s so smart, she’s got different phrases for men and women, and adjusts if you’re single or married. Like(…)