Simplify Jewish Life Using Smart Technology – Siddur: The Newest Jewish App On Your Apple Watch

RustyBrick has just released Apple Watch app for the iOS Siddur. The Apple Watch app has tons of features aimed at making Jewish life just a bit easier. The RustyBrick’s goal is to give observant Jews easy access to common prayers, important times, a glance at the Jewish calendar and access to find nearby synagogues.(…)

In Honor Of Shavuot Davka Running Sales Of Torah Library For iOS And Tanach Bible For Android

In honor of Shavuot Davka running sales this week on two of their most popular apps: Torah Library for iOS and Tanach Bible for Android. Torah Library for iOS is a powerful, mobile Jewish library that enables you to search a vast collection of classic Hebrew texts in seconds, quickly locate relevant results, and view full texts instantly.(…)

The Jewish Explorer’s Guide To The Old City Of Jerusalem [iPhone App]

Rabbi Leibel Reznick’s authoritative 2010 Edition of  “Touring Jerusalem: The Jewish Explorer’s Guide to the Old City of Jerusalem”  is now available for your iPhone. With your iPhone in hand, take this guided tour of the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, replete with up-to-date maps and full-color photos. The guide gives detailed(…)

Send A Prayer To The Western Wall And It Will Be Placed In Between The Stones

@TheKotel app  is your direct channel to the Almighty G-d. With it you can easily and quickly send a prayer to the Western Wall (also known as “The Kotel“ or the “Wailing Wall” ) and it will be placed in between the stones. Your faith or geographical location does not matter – Holy Jerusalem is(…)

A Free Guide For The Independent Tourist – The Old City Of Jerusalem Audio Walking Tours [iPhone And Android Apps]

The Old City of Jerusalem Audio Walking Tours takes you through the allies of the Old City of Jerusalem in a fascinating journey through time to a city that is the center of  religious and spiritual worship for thousands of years. Walk through the ancient quarters following 15 different tours and explore the synagogues, masques(…)

Analytical Studies Of The Rambam’s Rulings Concerning The Construction And The Design Of The Holy Temple

Analytical Studies by the Lubavitcher Rebbe,  Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson of the Rambam’s rulings concerning the construction and the design of the Beis HaMikdash. Our Sages explain that we are required to constantly “Seek out the welfare of Jerusalem,” to concern ourselves with the Beis HaMikdash is destroyed, studying its structure is considered by G-d(…)

Amy’s Jewish Mom On Her Answering Machine [iPhone App, CD, EBook]

Amy’s overprotective  mother  called  her constantly, leaving messages with unsolicited advice and opinions. Amy saved Mom’s messages for over a decade, and she shares them on “The Mother of All Comedy CDs”. She also released “Amy’s Mom” iPhone app. Amy’s Borkowsky wild ride from life as a typical single woman in New York City to becoming dubbed, “the(…)

Synchronize And Navigate Your Day-To-Day And Jewish-Religious Needs All In One App [iPhone, Apple Watch, Android]

Get the most important information from Chabad.org each day including the current Jewish date and holiday name, notification for key Jewish times, like when Shabbat begins and halachic times, personal Jewish event reminders for birthdays and yahrzeits, personalized alerts for Jewish observances based on date and location, a daily quote and access to daily Torah(…)

First Jewish App Released For New Apple Watch

Watch out! Watch this! Many clever lines will draw attention to the novelty of the upcoming Apple Watch, but right now, all eyes can turn to the first Jewish app for the new gadget, which will make the technology even handier for many users. Released on April 21, a much-anticipated Jewish app for the watch(…)

New Daf Yomi App For iPhone And Android – Shiurim By Rabbi Shmuel Wise

Finishing Shas, while certainly one of the greatest achievements a Jew can accomplish, is a goal that has been generally viewed as unrealistic given its length and complexity. That is, until recently. The past half-century has seen a dramatic popularization of the R’ Meir Shapiro’s ingenious system called Daf HaYomi, in which Jews the world(…)

“…And Then There Was Nano” – The Smallest Bible In The World On A Gold-Plated Silicon Chip

A new exhibition gallery of the Israel Museum’s Shrine of the Book opened with the display of “And Then There Was Nano: The Smallest Bible in the World”, revealing to the public for the first time the world’s smallest copy of the Hebrew Bible. Developed by the Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute at the Technion in(…)

Zmanim App For iPhone And Apple Watch – Jewish Apps By Moshe Berman

Ultimate Zmanim is the premiere zmanim app for iOS, now with even more features. Ultimate Zmanim calculates zmanim using your GPS, so you don’t need an internet connection to use it. There’s also a rich location picker, so you don’t have to be online to set it up. Ultimate Zmanim doesn’t stop with the daily(…)

New Passover Issue Of The “Just Jew It” Is Ready For Download [iOS And Android Devices]

Subscribers to Just Jew It! Digital Magazine enjoy videos, how-to articles, stories, interviews and anecdotes from world renowned authors for the celebration of Jewish life, holidays, and customs, as well as exclusive interviews and articles of interest relating to current times in one Jewish app. New, Passover, issue of the “Just Jew It” is ready for(…)

Follow Moses Along His Journey To Free His People With A Mobile Interactive Game For Kids

Meet Moses and join the Jews as they flee Egypt in the interactive app for iOS and Android powered devices.  Teach young children the Passover story with games. The Biblical story of Moses and Passover comes to life in an app made for young kids. Interactive elements will teach children about Moses, the Ten Plagues,(…)

Jewish Game For iPhone – Exodus: A Jewish Photo Scavenger Hunt App

Help two kids pack up to leave Egypt in this simple photo scavenger hunt. Take pictures of everyday items with your phone or tablet that capture Jewish values. Listen closely as Ethan and  Daria  give you clues that will have you searching for that perfect item to photograph. After, review your photos with a grown-up(…)