Rosh Yeshiva Pasuls Witness At Chupah Because Of iPhone

There was a time when I thought such a story would be a hoax, but those days are gone. The preparations for the chupah were proceeding without incident. The rabbonim were meeting with the chosson and family members in preparation for the event on Monday night the eve of 17 Elul 5772 in Jerusalem’s Armonot Hall.  As(…)

Davka Corporation

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The Jewish Learning Group

Forgot the prayer – check your iPod Editor’s Note: The following article is reprinted from “Forward“, published: August 28, 2008 By Lana Gersten “Blessings often come in disguise. This one comes on your iPhone.” So says the description of the new iPhone/iPod touch application, the iBlessing, a product developed by The Jewish Learning Group and(…)