Digital Eicha – Listen to Entire Book of Lamentations In Mp3 Format

AUDIO   Soon we will fast on Tisha Be’Av, the Fast of the 9th of Av, a day which encompasses the suffering of all those years of  Jewish history; the expulsions, pogroms, the Shoah and of course the destruction of our Beit Hamikdash (Holy Temple) twice, our spiritual focal point on this world. On this day (Saturday night, August 13th(…)

Mishna Yomi – New Audio Jewish App For Mishna Study [iOS And Android]

With a new Jewish app from Johannesburg, South Africa you can join now an English Mishna Yomi Shiur. Mishna study covering two Mishnayot every day (about 10 minutes) on the worldwide Mishna Yomi Programme. Alternatively you can learn any book of the Mishna at your own pace and in your own time. The app also(…)

Shavuot Services Incl. Megillat Ruth in MP3

If you’re planning to conduct  Shavuot services in your shul this year (incl. reading a Megillat Ruth) and need a bit of help on your Hebrew pronunciation or want to brush up on a tune, the Virtual Cantor – Josh Sharfman – has recorded the almost entire service for Festivals in mp3 format and put(…)

New Daf Yomi App For iPhone And Android – Shiurim By Rabbi Shmuel Wise

Finishing Shas, while certainly one of the greatest achievements a Jew can accomplish, is a goal that has been generally viewed as unrealistic given its length and complexity. That is, until recently. The past half-century has seen a dramatic popularization of the R’ Meir Shapiro’s ingenious system called Daf HaYomi, in which Jews the world(…)

Sefer Tehillim (Psalms) App With Text And Audio Files (Mp3)

Natan Rolnik is a young generation former Brazilian developer who started his career as a creator of Jewish apps before becoming a part of the team of some Israeli start-up. It is thanks to this guy we can rejoice in the presence on our iDevices of the monoliths of the Jewish literature such as Mesilat Yesharim(…)

Pioneer Of The Jewish Rock “Diaspora Yeshiva Band” Reunites After Almost Two Decades

By Marc Shapiro Avraham Rosenblum grew up during the Woodstock generation; he even attended the legendary music festival in 1969. But when he left behind his hippie rags for spiritual riches, he helped found a band that would pioneer Jewish rock music. The Diaspora Yeshiva Band  formed on Mount Zion in Jerusalem in 1975, creating a unique(…)

Finding Forever – Debut Album Of Sarah Dukes (Piano)

Sarah Dukes started playing piano when she was six years old and composed her first song—  a playfully dramatic number called “Elephant in Tights”—at the mere age of eight. Classically trained until she was 18, the North Carolina raised pianist increasingly turned to music and songwriting as a way of expressing herself, and by the(…)

Album “Like a Rushing Spring” By Nomi Teplow

Gifted with a voice of rare beauty, versatility and range, Israeli soul singer,  Nomi Teplow,  releases her third recording,  “Like a Rushing Spring (Kamaayan Hamitgaber)”.  Nomi is a dynamic performer who reviewers have called “inspirational”, “captivating”, “bubbling”, “extraordinary.” Nomi Teplow was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and she completed both her Bachelors and Masters(…)

Former Maccabeats Launch New Group “StandFour” And Hanukkah Song “Eight Nights”

Four members of Jewish a cappella  group The Maccabeats,  including Immanuel Shalev,  David Block, Noey Jacobson, and Nachum Joel,  have formed a new group called StandFour. Their first release is a song called Eight Nights. It’s a parody mashup of  “Some Nights” by Fun, “Die Young” by Ke$ha, and “Live While We’re Young” by One Direction.(…)

The Maccabeats Have Released Their Latest Video With A New Hanukkah Song

Originally formed in 2007 as Yeshiva University’s student vocal group, the Maccabeats have recently emerged as both Jewish music and a cappella phenomena,  with a large fanbase, more than 10 million views on YouTube, numerous  TV appearances, and proven success with two albums, 2010′s Voices  From The Heightsand  2012′s  Out Of  The Box. Since the release of(…)

“Our Eyes Are On You” By Aryeh Kunstler [Music]

Aryeh Kunstler is a rising star in the Jewish music scene. With his virtuoso guitar talent and a collection of well written, soulful, catchy songs, he has captivated audiences in the US and Israel for the past few years. Since the release of his debut album “From the depth”,  Aryeh and his band have developed a reputation(…)

Free Podcasts – Mishna by Mishna: Sukkah By Rabbi Joel Padowitz

If you want to know all the “basic principles” of  Shas  (The Talmud), this is your big chance. These live recordings will provide you with a clear grasp, “Mishna by Mishna”. Each is presented in an unrushed, articulate English with an emphasis on ensuring you understand the principles being conveyed and how the many details(…)

Lipa Schmelzter’s New Album: Leap of Faith

With the release of  chasidic superstar Lipa Schmeltzer  new album just few months away, Lipa is giving fans a small taste of  what to expect when his new album, titled Leap of Faith, hits the stores. “This is just a short video preview,” Lipa told VIN News. “But I wanted to give people a chance(…)

Amir Perelman

Amir Perelman was born in Israel in 1967 and as a young child immigrated to the United States with his family. Some years later he returned to Israel and at the age of 15 began playing the guitar. In short time his talent and virtuosity were revealed. In his early twenties, Amir re-located to Europe(…)

Chabad Niggunim

A collection of  Chabad niggunim  which range from stirring, profound and introspective, to lively tunes expressing the joy of serving G-d. These nigunim by Avraham Fried reveal the profundity of mind and inspiration of the heart as felt by the Chasid in his service of avodas Hashem. A Chabad nigun refines the singer and transforms him(…)