Call Snooze

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Have you ever been in the middle of a meeting, got a call from your loved one, told him you can’t talk right now and you’ll get back to him/her once meeting is over – but forgotten all about it? New app Call Snooze, created by Israeli developer Tal Hashai, is a useful tool that helps people to remember to return a call to their loved ones.

The idea for this app came from a real life need,” said Tal Hashai. “I have several friends, who spend a lot of time in business meetings, that told me about how many times they have received a call from their spouse, told them they’ll call back in half an hour and forgot all about it.”

We’ve seen a lot of reminder apps before. What makes this one special is the fact that it is designated for the purpose of returning a call. When someone’s at a meeting, or can’t talk at the moment, he’d like to create a reminder in a very short time. Call Snooze makes it possible to create a new reminder in only two clicks.

Call Snooze offers highly intuitive user interface, designed by UI and graphic experts, with full Retina support for iPhone 4 users. The user may either return a call to a list of  favorite contacts, or access the address book for full contact list.

If the user configures a reminder for thirty minutes and doesn’t respond to the reminder, Call Snooze will automatically snooze for another thirty minutes, until the user makes the call. After returning the call, a list within the app of recent calls will draw the item in green – or red for expired calls.

Key Features

  • Call or SMS reminders.
  • Snooze – ignore the reminder if you’re busy right now, it will remind you again later.
  • Favorites – requires only two clicks to create a new reminder.
  • Highly intuitive UI, Neat design, Retina support.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Category: Productivity
Released: January 13, 2011
Publisher: Tal Hashai © 2011 Hashsoft
Price: Free (get app)

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