Bringing Heaven

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Finally, Bringing Heaven Down To Earth in eBook format.

Rebbe means teacher. Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson is seventh in a prestigious line of chassidic rebbes. Even after his passing, he is known worldwide as simply “The Rebbe”- a Rebbe for any person in the world.

This book offers every person a taste of the Rebbe’s wisdom, condensed from over 50 years of letters, public talks, private conversations, and written works.

Amazon’s review – “This is a beautiful book with incredible wisdom. Rebbe Schneerson was a holy man. His wisdom is for all people. This is simply a book people need to read. It gives a blueprint for getting thru this life without harming one another. One certainly does not have to be Jewish to understand and appreciate the writings of the Rebbe. He has a message for all of us.

Tzvi Freeman, director of Ask The Rabbi for, is the author of two volumes of Bringing Heaven Down to Earth — collections of meditations based on the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe — a s well as numerous articles and essays on Jewish mysticism, philosophy and practice.

With the unprecedented success of his first book, Bringing Heaven Down To Earth – 365 meditations from the wisdom of the Rebbe, Tzvi Freeman shot into the spotlight as one of the foremost teachers of inner Jewish wisdom. Today, his Daily Dose of  Wisdom has one of the largest subscriptions on the Jewish Net. The weekly Freeman Files, answering real people on real issues, fans out to countless cyberfans. And his Heaven Exposed series gets across the stickiest issues of Kabala in spicy, sci-fi dramas.

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman is a man hard to pin down. Involved at an early age in Yoga, Tao and radical politics., he left a career as a classical guitarist and composer to study Talmud and Jewish mysticism for nine years, receiving rabbinical ordination at the Lubavitch Central Yeshiva in New York and completing post-graduate studies at the Rabbinical College of Canada.

A published expert, consultant and lecturer in the field of educational technology, Freeman held posts at the University of British Columbia and Digipen School of Computer Gaming. His award-winning CD ROM, A to Zap was featured as “Hot Pick of the Year” on Good Morning America. In 2001, he was appointed to the educational advisory council of Vivendi Interactive. He is also a past associate editor of Game Developer Magazine—his feature articles from there are available at (more about Rabbi Tzvi Freeman at

Tzvi Freeman has built a reputation for delivering the authentic inner wisdom of Judaism in highly original, bite-size packages.

Bringing Heaven Down To Earth – Book 1

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ISBN 978-1-105-44557-6
Copyright: Tzvi Freeman (Standard Copyright License)
Edition:  Eighth Edition
Published:  February 3, 2012
File Format:  EPUB for Adobe Digital Editions
File Size: 334.5 kB

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