Brighten Up The Holiday With A New “Festival of Lights” Storybook App For iOS, Android And Windows Phones

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As the calendar turns, our focuses shift from raking leaves to shoveling snow, and that means Hanukkah will soon be upon us. It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of the season and forget the reasons why we gather together for eight nights. Have we done everything we can to teach our children the reasons why we light candles, make latkes, and spin dreidels year after year?

Perfect for teaching children 9 and up (due to soldiers running across the screen and insinuated battles) the story and lessons of Hanukkah, “Festival of Lights” is an imaginative storybook experience designed to entertain and educate through multi-sensory interactions and animations. A new generation of young readers will be delighted by the app’s whimsical illustrations that are only a touch away from coming to life. They’ll be captivated by the brave tale about overcoming odds, defending one’s beliefs, and the strength of the Jewish people.

Since I was a child“, says developer , “the winter season has always been focused on the shopping. Comparing what new toys we got was the topic of conversation on the first day back from winter break. As I got older, I began to discuss this with my cousins in Israel, and came to learn that while small gifts or money are sometimes exchanged, there isn’t an expectation for it. Everywhere but America, Hanukkah is a story about survival, standing up for what you believe in, a great miracle, and continuing traditions that the Jewish people have been doing for thousands of years, in bad times and good. I’m excited to share “Festival of Lights” with the world because I think we captured that spirit perfectly“.

More than just fun and games, the stories of the season are being re-imagined for younger generations to enjoy. Unlike the classic storybook, apps allow readers to interact and immerse themselves in stories with the touch of a finger. “Festival of Lights” takes readers back in time to ancient Jerusalem to relive the story of Hanukkah.

“Festival of Lights” written and developed by Appoet, features the charming illustrations of Amelia Street Studio, and is now available in the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Windows Store.

App: Festival of Lights by Appoet

Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Category: Book
Released: December 05, 2014
Publisher: Appoet inc.
Price: $2.99 (buy app)

Version for Android devices – click here
Version for Windows Phone – click here

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