Bnei Brak Rabbi Invited Dozens Of His Students To An iPhone-Smashing Ceremony

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In a synagogue in the Bnei Brak neighborhood of  Pardes Katz yesterday, Rabbi Lior Glazer – reportedly called the “the preacher of uprightness” by his followers – asked his listeners to destroy their iPhones. The rabbi ranted against the mother of all smartphones as one sat helpless before him on a table, and claimed it had destroyed lives.

Just as the new iPhone 5 was being unveiled on Wednesday (September 12, 2012), one man was striking a blow against all things Apple.  A rabbi in Bnei Brak, known as “the preacher of uprightness,” invited dozens of his students to an iPhone-smashing ceremony at a synagogue in the city’s Pardess Katz neighborhood.

First reported by Devorah Ginzburg on haredi news website Lada’at, Rabbi Lior Glazer began by delivering an impassioned sermon on ethical behavior, a traditional theme in the Jewish month of Elul leading up to Rosh Hashana.

During his tirade, given from behind a table with an iPhone sitting on it, the rabbi inveighed against anyone possessing the popular smart phone. “A religious person who owns this impure device is an abomination and a disgusting, vile villain,” Glazer said.

He then gave an account of a man who had purchased an iPhone, which “ruined his life” and on account of which he got divorced from his wife. At the end of his sermon, the rabbi recited a brief prayer requesting that G-d defeat the nation of Amalek, an ancient enemy of the Israelites and Jewish people used as a catchall for evil in general. He then proceeded to smash the offending iPhone with a hammer in front of his audience until it was left in pieces on the table. (read full article at JPost)


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