“Beacons on the Talmud’s Sea” for BlackBerry

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Beacons on the Talmud’s Sea – Analyses of passages from the Talmud and issues in halachah, Adapted from the Works of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson by Eliyahu Touger  – text of this book is published and copyright © by JewishContent.org

In the world at large, the Rebbe is known for his visionary leadership of the Jewish community, his encouragement of  Torah outreach, the miraculous blessings he gave many, and the vibrancy and energy which his Chassidic teachings infused into Jewish practice.

For many of us, these achievements often overshadowed the unique and distinctive approach to study of the Torah which the Rebbe taught and encouraged. This is an unfortunate oversight. For just as the Rebbe stood out as a leader, he stood out as a teacher.  Anyone who heard the Rebbe’s analyses of a Talmudic passage, a ruling of the Rambam, or a contemporary Halachic insight, was struck by the breadth and the depth of his exposition.

Now for the first time, these teachings are being made available in English. In a sampler constructed to convey the unique flavor and distinction of the Rebbe’s insight, his teachings have been adapted and presented in free-flowing English, with thorough notes and explanations.

Table of Contents:

  • Publisher’s Foreword
  • Distinctive Stances in the Talmud
  • “Love and Truth Converge”: An Analysis of the Different Characteristics of the Schools of Hillel and Shammai
  • Immanence and Transcendence: An Analysis of the Differences in Approach Between Rabbi Yishmael and Rabbi Akiva
  • What Makes the Scales of Judgment Tip? An Analysis of the Contrast Between the Positions of Rabban Gamliel and the Sages
  • Our Holidays in Torah Law
  • Rosh HaShanah: Why the Shofros Verses Are Recited
  • Yom Kippur: Inspiring Atonement
  • Sukkos: Fulfilling a Mitzvah with a Borrowed Article
  • Chanukah: Lights in Transition: An Analysis of the Rationales for Increasing the Number of Candles Lit on Chanukah
  • The Communal Fasts: An End to Fasting
  • Purim: Should Mordechai Have Sacrificed His Torah Study?
  • Pesach: A Fifth Cup of Wine at the Seder
  • Sefiras HaOmer: Seven Perfect Weeks
  • Shavuos: When Shavuos Is to Be Celebrated
  • The Seventeenth of Tammuz: The Fast of the Fourth Month
  • Unlocking the Aggadah
  • Of Eternal Life
  • A Perplexing Purim Feast
  • Is True Humility Possible?
  • To Whom Should the Torah Be Given?
  • Issues in Halachah
  • What Is Dearest to G-d?
  • To Be Consumed by the Altar’s Fire
  • The Responsibility for Chinuch
  • Should We Restrict the Amount We Give?
  • Accepting Responsibility for Another Person
  • Spreading Torah Knowledge
  • How We Can Fulfill the Final Mitzvah of the Torah
  • Glossary and Biographical Index

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