Artscroll Has Officially Launched The Artscroll Digital Library For Android Users

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Artscroll has officially launched the Artscroll Digital Library for Android users. Android users can now download the app on the  Google Play Store and download a free volume immediately.

Android users will experience the same level of features and content that iOS users on iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch devices already have. The app features the Schottenstein English Talmud powered via the Wasserman Digital Initiative.

The original iPad version launched approximately a year ago and then in January of this year, the iPhone and iPod Touch version was released.  Since then, we released 3D graphics and color coding (coming soon to Android as well) as well as tons of other interactive features.

The Android version comes with most of those features and works on most Android devices running 4.0.3 and up.

App: ArtScroll Digital Library by ArtScroll / Mesorah Publications




Schottenstein Digital Edition of the Talmud in English – is a revolutionary new way to study the Talmud. New features like Page-syncing, Place-tracking, Page-Fusion, Floating-translation, Quick-scroll, resizable text, automatic-delivery, subscriptions – will transform your learning experience.  Features have been added for all levels of Talmud students from beginner to expert.

Feature list

  • Learn anywhere. Even without being connected to the internet for daily use
  • Automatically get the first 7 Blatt/Daf of The current Daf Yomi Tractate when you install free app.

Multiple view options  

  • Study in the same familiar format as the printed edition
  • Full Screen Translation or Vilna Page Layout
  • Split Screen Translation and Vilna View
  • New English-Only Translation View
  • New Hebrew-Only Schottenstein View
  • Reflowable Vilna Page with Rashi and Tosafos in block letters
  • Dynamic Grey Bar shows you the section being translated
  • Innovative Place Tracking – shows you the exact place on the facing page – so you will never lose your place, and you will immediately know where you are up to
  • The new Hybrid page will allow you to study directly on the classic Vilna page – with popups that can be configured to show you the translation, notes, and commentaries without leaving the Vilna page!
  • Resize the text to 250% and Zoom in on the Vilna page

Purchasing options

  • Buy a complete volume
  • Buy a single daf
  • Buy the 73 volume set
  • Daf Yom subscription – sign up to get automatic access to a month’s worth of Daf Yomi content and have those pages automatically added permanently to your library!
  • – Subscription automatically renews every month. No need to go back to the store!
  • – The Daf Yomi content is downloaded automatically when you launch the app and are connected to a network – Only $9.99 a month – this not a rental – this is a purchase.

Enhancements to the classic Vilna page

  • Click on any phrase and the corresponding Rashi, Tosafos, Mosaf Rashi, Ein Mishpat, Masores Hashas and more will instantly highlight
  • Click on a Rashi and other commentaries/annotations and it will highlight the corresponding place within the Vilna text
  • Popovers can be configured to show you all the Rashi, Tosafos, and Mosaf Rashi, Ein Mishpat, Mesores Hashas, etc. that are related to that phrase

General enhancements

  • Looks just like the printed book including the binding – so you can see if you are on side “a” or “b.” or turn the page-edge “binding” off if you wish
  • Statement types – now you can show if each section is a Statement, Question, Answer, Inquiry or Proof.


  • For the best experience we recommend an Tablet due to the intense processing requirements for the interactive Vilna page
  • The entire Talmud when complete will fit in under 3 Gb so any device will work
  • Downloads and Automatic updates require an active wi-fi or cellular data connection

Released: August 14, 2013
Size: 22M
Developer: RustyBrick & ArtScroll / Mesorah Publications
Price:  Free (Google Play Link)


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