Apps Of Moshe Berman On Sale… Oh, Actually All Have Gone Free

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By Moshe Berman

I’ve been on the App Store for over three years.

That’s not as long as some folks, but it’s more than half of the lifetime of the store itself. In technology time, that’s pretty old. When you get to be that old, you learn a thing or two. I’ve learned that it’s not incredibly easy to sell apps without advertising them. It’s also really difficult to advertise apps through a digital medium, because the App Store is so saturated. That’s why I’m trying something new.

Starting earlier last week, all of my apps that are under my own iTunes account are free. (This specifically excludes work done for clients who are charging money for their own apps. The other exception is  Gabbai, because it’s not targeted at the individual. It’s nearly enterprise software.)

It’s quite obvious that people are more willing to gamble a few minutes of time to try an app than they are willing to gamble a few pennies. What isn’t obvious, is just how stark that difference is.

While I was charging for various apps, I averaged about 50 downloads a day. In the two days that I’ve removed the price barrier, those numbers have escalated to an average of 770 per day! This isn’t a great sample, and it may be a temporary spike, but it certainly illustrates the point: When my apps are free, I get to serve more humans and enrich their lives. Of course, that’s a goal that I’m aspiring towards.

Now that I’ve explained myself, I’m going to ask for two things:

First, please spread the word. I’ve got some quality work that I’m giving away for a limited time. Tell your friends. This helps me, but it also helps them. I’m not selling cookies at your door, I’m adding value to your life.

More importantly, send me feedback: Another benefit to letting lots of people see your work is that they can offer their thoughts. I invite you to email me at with the subject “App Name Feedback” where “App Name” is the name of the app.

This isn’t a permanent change, though. I have enhancements in mind for each and every one of my apps. As soon as I’ve implemented them, I’ll begin charging appropriately. Meanwhile, take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Thanks for accompanying me this far, enjoy the rest of the ride.

You can read more about Berman’s apps here, you can also visit his website.


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