Apple’s iPads On EL AL Planes

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[Pilots] El Al Israel Airlines  will begin a trial project next month ahead of transferring all flight manuals on its Boeing 777  fleet to iPads. When the plan is completed, all the carrier’s pilots will be equipped with iPads and will use them to manage flights to destinations worldwide, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, with El Al able to dispense with an average of 40 kilograms of paper per flight.

According to Captain Ofer Yaari the move will save El Al $4,000 in fuel costs on each flight. He said, “Each year we will save about $160,000 in fuel alone on overall flights, and streamlining measures related to the literature required on aircraft will bring savings of somewhere between $250,000 and $400,000.

In the coming weeks, El Al will provide the pilots taking part in the trial with some 130 iPads, containing all the necessary flight data such as takeoff and landing flight paths at airports around the world, relevant radio frequencies, maps, permitted heights in various locations and much more.


The iPads will also contain Boeing’s specifications and manuals about the plane, which the flight crew need available at all times.

Yaari said, “Everything will be on the iPad, every destination that we fly to worldwide will be available on the screen with one press and we won’t need paper, which adds great weight to the plane. We won’t need post to send around these huge files and everything will be far more convenient.” (via Globes)

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[Passengers] El Al, has selected the Bluebox Ai portable inflight entertainment system to provide its customers with a superior inflight entertainment experience using iPad. The Bluebox solution will provide El Al customers with access to the latest Hollywood early window content as well as a range of other movie, TV, audio, reading and gaming content. This will replace the current portable solution that is nearing the end of its life.

Tal Kalderon, Inflight Entertainment Manager at El Al, believes that passengers will be delighted with the features and content of the new system. “The iPad sets the global standard as the preferred device for the delivery of portable inflight entertainment. The Bluebox Ai solution provides access to a rich content set in a package that is engaging to use and intuitive for passengers while being very easy for us to manage.

El Al set a very high standard for the customer experience it wanted to deliver with its new IFE solution so we’re delighted that Bluebox Ai has been chosen to deliver on their vision,” said David Brown , joint Managing Director of Bluebox. “El Al joins a rapidly expanding community of airlines that have selected Bluebox Ai. We’re seeing airline partners experiencing utilisation rates of 100% on some flights which is an unprecedented statistic in the world of portable IFE and clear proof that passengers are greatly enjoying our inflight iPad solution.

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