iPhone App Helps Israelis Seek Bomb Shelters And Secure Areas Throughout All Of Israel

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Smartphone apps provide a wide range of services, including information and entertainment, but in Israel, the apps have another unique life-saving use – finding a bomb shelter.

The GPS-based app helps people fleeing from rocket fire to locate the closest bomb shelter or secure area throughout all of Israel, providing the fastest route to it. Updates from the emergency authorities are also provided in real time. The app enables anyone to add information about available shelters which are not yet listed on the app.


Developer’s Note

Protected space is a reinforced security room and a kind of refuge built into the structure’s shell whose occupants intended to serve.

The purpose of the protected space is to provide protection against air raids and missile attacks when alert is time too short to allow access to a shelter. Protected spaces are designed to protect their inhabitants from attacks of normal explosive bombs and are also sealed from toxic gases and thus provide partial protection against non-conventional attacks.

The “Protected Space” (Merkhav Mugan) application will allow you to see the public protected spaces that are next to you and help you recognize them in case of emergency. You can see protected spaces in accordance to city and distance by using GPS.

In addition, the application has “Push” and updates interfaces.

App:  Secure Spaces by Umbrella Business Development Ltd.

Compatible: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Category:   Utilities
Released:  July 11, 2012
Publisher:  Umbrella Business Development Ltd. © Sigal & Eyal Aferiat
Price: Free  (get app)

(Photo credit: Stand for Israel/Ariel Jerozolimski)

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