Android vs. iPhone

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For the first time in USA the sale of  smartphones  with Android systems outnumbered the sale of  iPhones. According to the data provided by the research on the first quarter of this year,  iPhone has 21 per cent of  the smartphones’ market.  Android based systems constitute 28 per cent of  sold devices.  Still, though, it is the BlackBerry to lead the market with its 36 per cent of  sales.

The sales strategy together with good promoting are the main reasons for the increase in sales of the Android.  In order to be able to compete with AT&T, Verison gives “buy one, get one free” offers as an incentive to buy their smartphones.

Next month Apple reveals its newest  iPhone 4G which may improve the sales balances of the company.

The war has just begun.

What does it mean for the users? Even more and even better apps designed for various systems. Android is still far away behind  iPhone in terms of  numbers of apps – Android 50 thousand, and  iPhone 200 thousand.

The same situation is when it comes to Jewish apps Android around 100,  iPhone several hundred.  Despite that, the rate at which new Android applications show up seems to gradually deaden that disproportion. The job of Android apps developers is, in fact,  facilitated – what they quite often do, is to adopt existing iPhone applications onto Android platform.  Some Android versions of  books tackling Jewish issues have been launched,  RustyBrick have launched a version of  Shabbat Shalom that is adapted to Adroid system, the leading Israeli portal about food and restaurant created an Android version of restaurant guide,  Tzvi Ben-Tzur introduced to Android market his app SOH Lite (Israeli and Jewish history via stamps).  These are just some of the developers and their number is still growing.

As for now TorahBloj is the leading Jewish developer of apps  for Android.  In February of  this year we wrote about them: “The Android OS does not  fully support Hebrew… But “TorahBloj“ does.  All “TorahBloj’s“ applications are kosher and they were all developed with the observant Jew’s needs in mind.  Text used is not “Gezel”  (was not stolen), they are developed by observant Jews and they were never developed on Saturdays or Holidays.” Their work apart from Siddur, Tehilim, Torah,  is a lot of  Sifrei Kodesh such as  Mahane Shechina,  Shaarei TeshuvaMesilat Yesharim and more.

Two categories were introduced to the structure of our website some time ago: “Android” and “BlackBerry”. The main idea was to present novelties in this segment of smartphones market.  It looks that these will not only become a part of our service but also an important and  integral part of  it.

Robert Pass,  Mati Szmidt

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