An Unusual History Lesson With The Application (Un)usual Paths Of Cracow’s Jews

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Let’s set off on an unusual history lesson – a tour following in the footsteps of Jewish people living in Krakow (Cracow, Poland). The (Un)usual Paths Of  Cracow’s Jews leads you through places related to both their religion and everyday lives . Visit the Old Town, where the history of  Cracow’s  Jews began, and take a look around Kazimierz – the Jewish district.

Only now descriptions of the city and of the first point of the route are free of charge. If you are satisfied with the application  (Un)usual Paths Of  Cracow’s  Jews, you can get access  (in-app-purchase) to further points of the trip.

Every trip is applied to the requirements of 4 groups: Family, Friends, Couple, Single. After you choose a target group you can enjoy the attractions adjusted for a particular type of the trip.

The (Un)usual Paths Of  Cracow’s  Jews  is a unique trip prepared by the inhabitant of the city and reviewed by professionals. You can find a great abundance of pictures there, descriptions of the route and points of the trip, Google maps and detailed information about each trip point. What’s more, the application is available in 5 language versions: English, Spanish, German, Russian and Polish.


  • User-friendly and intuitive, the application can be accessible to children as well as the elderly
  • Every trip is provided with the technical instruction of how to use the application („About the trip” section)
  • You don’t need to browse through the whole trip to get back to the main menu
  • There is a clear layout with clear division between points, descriptions and pictures there
  • Thanks to a user-friendly browser you will be able to take a look at other trips from this city
  • You don’t need to exit from the application to take pictures and save them in the gallery

App: Krakow Jewish trail by MobileLife Sp. z o. o.


Compatible:  iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Category:  Travel
Released:    August 23, 2013
Publisher:  MobileLife
Price:  Free

(Photo credit:  Zygmunt Put, Wikipedia)


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