An Israeli Success Story – ‘Nordau To NASDAQ’ By Roni Einav [Kindle Edition]

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On October 30 1998 at 15:00 hours, an urgent call came into the offices of  The New Dimension Software, Tel Aviv. The secretary transferred it to Roni Einav, a co-owner. The caller was the company’s chief distributor in Japan, Koichi, and his news was unpleasant: BMC was buying  The New Dimension’s European distributor, B&BE. The New Dimension was then developing the Control M software line which was to become BMC’s leading product the world over.
Einav cross examined his Japanese colleague whose insistence on the news made him realize that the business he had built from scratch with his partners will soon be in dire straits. Europe was a major market for the Control M line. His only hope of rescue lay in a clause in the distribution agreement with B&BE that guaranteed high compensation.

Shortly after BMC’s press release about the purchase, Einav went to meet them in Europe. The conversation began with a discussion of the compensation due, but soon changed track and became a concrete purchase proposal. “In my estimation,  New Dimension is worth six hundred, maybe six hundred and twenty million dollars,” said BMC’s VP. Einav was transported from one scenario into another with a much happier ending. And indeed, in due course, BMC did purchase The New Dimension for close to seven hundred million dollars.

Einav is a familiar figure in Israel’s high-tech scene and one of its most original entrepreneurs. In 1983 he founded The New Dimension and fifteen years later made a most impressive exit. Why did he choose the title Nordau to NASDAQ for the book? Because those two locations represent the starting point and the climax of his professional life. Nordau is the name of an old street in a working class Tel Aviv neighborhood where he grew up as the second son of hard working parents. NASDAQ requires no explanation. The journey depicted in the book is that of a young Israeli city boy, from humble beginnings to the top of the business world, a start-up dream come true.

The book was written by Miriam Yahil-Wax, author and theatre artist, in collaboration with Roni Einav. It is based on facts, anecdotes, and lots of Einav’s personal memories. The style is charmingly energetic and peppered with self- irony, so even those who know nothing of high-tech find themselves riveted.

Einav is not easy on anyone, least of all on himself. He tells of successes as well as of failures and endeavors not to embellish the truth. The world of entrepreneurship, according to him, is one of faith and adventurousness, of perseverance and free enterprise. The reader will find here power struggles, brave moves and impulsive decisions, secrets and conflicts, in short – real drama.

In addition to being an exciting story, Nordau to NASDAQ can teach those who want to become entrepreneurs, not by giving academic information but by analyzing the vast experience of Einav and his partners. One can learn how a good idea is identified, how to cope with red tape and – how to function well in the middle of crises and partners’ disagreements.

Einav feels the book also addresses the difference between today’s entrepreneurship and that of his time. “Today people refrain from taking risks,” he says, “because the money is venture capital. The investment funds themselves shun risks. When we started out we believed in what we set out to do. Perhaps we were naïve, but the money we invested came out of our own pockets, we risked ourselves, our families. No one does that anymore. We started out with an Israeli dream, and went public on the American Stock Exchange with a company estimated as worth one hundred and twenty million dollars. Seven years later it was sold for seven hundred million.

The reader is invited to share the experiences of the Einav family too, the wife, the children, the brothers. Although this is not a biography, Einav says he could not separate his business life from his family life. They ran parallel. “I want my grandchildren to know exactly what our life was like.”

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