An Israeli Startup Claims To Be Able To Combat Viruses And Hackers By Predicting Them

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An Israeli startup called CyActive believes it has a secret weapon that could finally wipe computer viruses off the face of the planet forever. “We’ve developed an unprecedented ability to automatically forecast the future of malware evolution, based on bio-inspired algorithms and a deep understanding of the black-hats’ attack-launching process,” explains Danny Lev, chief marketing officer at the company.

CEO Liran Tancman, who spent a decade in Israel’s intelligence corps and was head of its cyber strategy unit before founding CyActive in 2013, details the problems with our modern approach to fighting viruses. “If and when a threat is exposed, it is analysed and a counter-solution is designed,” he says. “Response times vary from weeks to years. Even if a solution is made available, attackers can easily modify the original code, evade the updated security measures, and once again a new threat is born.

This is a problem primarily because it’s so inefficient, he says. “Attackers keep adapting to the evolving defences, despite the significant efforts exerted by cyber defenders in both enterprise and the cyber security solution vendor community. The unnerving ability of cyber-criminals, cyber terrorists and rogue nations to circumvent defensive mechanisms time and time again must be addressed to fundamentally change this battle ground.”

Lev added: “The reactive paradigm creates an asymmetric relationship, whereby hackers have the unfair advantage: ‘recycling’ malware for re-use is quick and cost effective, while fighting malware is time-consuming and expensive. The mind-boggling fact is that for every dollar spent by black-hat hackers, hundreds of dollars are spent by the IT security industry. This economic imbalance is the springboard from which cyber-crime, cyber-terrorism and cyber-warfare are launched.

CyActive’s approach to solving this problem involves predicting in advance how virus creators might vary their malware, blocking potential attacks before they’re even created. “CyActive’s algorithms predict hundreds of thousands of ways in which hackers could evade existing security measures,” says Lev, “We have the ability to see the future and prepare for it.”  (via TechRadar)



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