Amy’s Jewish Mom On Her Answering Machine [iPhone App, CD, EBook]

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jewish-mom-iphone-appAmy’s overprotective  mother  called  her constantly, leaving messages with unsolicited advice and opinions. Amy saved Mom’s messages for over a decade, and she shares them on “The Mother of All Comedy CDs”. She also released “Amy’s Mom” iPhone app.

Amy’s Borkowsky wild ride from life as a typical single woman in New York City to becoming dubbed, “the comedian who’s making a career out of listening to her mother” began when she started saving the tapes from her old dual-microcassette answering machine. As each tape filled up, she would toss it in a drawer, never imagining that someday the messages from her overprotective mom would lead to two “Amy’s Answering Machine” CDs, this year’s new release, “The Mother of All Comedy CDs,” and an iPhone app called, “Amy’s Mom“.

Amy got her first clue that the messages which drove her crazy could be entertaining to others in her early days on New York’s stand-up comedy circuit. After gathering some of her mother’s most extreme messages, she played them on stage at Manhattan’s top comedy clubs, and audiences consistently howled.

The daughter who Mom nicknamed “Amila” (AY-muh-luh) stepped into the national spotlight when she appeared on the “Today” show with Matt Lauer and on National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition” to introduce the first volume of her “Amy’s Answering Machine: Messages from Mom” comedy CDs. She earned press coverage from Life magazine to a full-page profile in People, and the following year embarked on a 12-city tour for the Amy’s Answering Machine book. Amy has performed at the prestigious “Just for Laughs” Montreal Comedy Festival, and she entertains audiences at events and fundraisers across the country with her mom-based comedy act.

Amy also made headlines around the world as the single woman who tried to raise $3 million to buy her own Super Bowl commercial to advertise for a husband — a quest that would have thrilled Mom, who desperately wanted to see Amila married. Amy again appeared on the “Today” show, as well as on “Extra,” “Tyra Banks,” “Fox & Friends,” “Headline News” and others. (Though her mother passed away a few years ago, Amy takes comfort in knowing Mom will live forever on her CDs.)

Prior to launching her comedy career, Amy was Executive Vice President and Creative Group Head at a major Manhattan advertising agency, where she won dozens of awards including five Clios, three Cannes Festival lions, and an Emmy. Amy now devotes herself exclusively to performing, speaking and developing new comedy projects.

Hear the most hilarious clips from actual phone messages left by comedian Amy Borkowsky’s overprotective mother, excerpted from the hit CDs, “Amy’s Answering Machine: Messages from Mom,” made famous on the “Today” show and NPR. Listen as Amy’s Mom reminds her to go to the bathroom before getting in line at the DMV, warns her of a snowstorm, advises her on how to avoid getting gum disease from kissing, and more — all in Mom’s authentic Bronx accent.

Featuring a flashing message indicator, digital counter and working buttons, the graphic functions like a real answering machine. So while Amy saved her Mom’s messages for over a decade, with a touch of a button, you can instantly share in the side-splitting laughter of the world’s most extreme mother.

App: Amy’s Mom – Official Amy’s Answering Machine™: Messages from Mom App by Amy Borkowsky Productions, Inc.

Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Category: Entertainment
Released: November 10, 2010
Publisher: Amy Borkowsky Productions, Inc.
Price: $1.99 (buy app)

Book: Amy’s Answering Machine: Messages from Mom (Hardcover and Kindle Edition)

Does your mother call you in a panic whenever there’s a storm warning for your area? Does she act as though it’s her duty to alert you to every health story on the news? Have you ever been briefly out of touch with your mother only to find she’s phoned everyone short of the National Guard to track you down — or, just maybe, are you that mother?

Take comfort in knowing you’re not alone, as Amy Borkowsky shares more than a decade’s worth of maddening phone messages from her hilariously overprotective mom. Based on the hit CD of the same name, Amy’s Answering Machine features actual messages in which Amy’s mom warns her not to wear a red bathrobe because a friend’s grandson “said that red is a gang color”…advises her not to get a cat because “what if you finally found a nice guy and he was allergic?”…cautions her not to wear crepe-soled shoes because “they were just saying on the news that if you’re ever in a plane crash, crepe is no good if you have to go down the slide.”

Amy also reveals the stories behind the messages and shares calls not available on CD, each one brimming with the worry and annoying comments only a loving mother could dish out.

The same warnings and suggestions that had Amy cringing are sure to have you doubled over with laughter. But before you turn the page, take some advice from Amy’s mom: Make sure you have plenty of reading light, because squinting causes crow’s feet.

Kindle price: $ 10.04 (buy now)


Album: Amy’s Answering Machine, CD. Vol. 2:  More Messages from Mom

Price: $9.99
Genres: Comedy, Music, Spoken Word
Released: Apr 14, 2003 ℗ 2010 Amy Borkowsky Productions, Inc.

To buy CD/listen to samples click here (iTunes)


Album: “The Mother of All Comedy”

Price: $9.99
Genres: Comedy, Music, Spoken Word
Released: Apr 19, 2010 ℗ 2010 Amy Borkowsky Productions, Inc.

To buy CD/listen to samples click here (iTunes)




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