American Maggid

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In the Spirit of the Maggid. Inspirational stories that touch the heart and stir the spirit” by Rabbi Paysach Krohn (Artscroll iBook).

For more than two decades Rabbi Paysach Krohn has been inspiring and enthralling tens of thousands of readers with his “Maggid” series. Now the “American Maggid” is finally back again with a long-awaited new collection of unforgettable stories.

There are many reasons why Rabbi Krohn’s “Maggid” books make up one of the bestselling series in Jewish literary history. One reason is – the stories themselves. Each story is true, and each one is different. Each one is short enough to pack a punch, but long enough to touch the heart and ignite the soul. Some stories go back decades, even centuries, while others are pure twenty-first century – but all of them speak to our lives, to our contemporary concerns and challenges.

Another reason is – the author himself. The warmth, perception, and insight of the man known as the American Maggid comes through in every line, every story.

Rabbi Krohn understands us, our strengths and weaknesses, and he loves us as well. In his stories we can feel this acceptance and affection and therefore we allow the stories to teach us — and to touch us.

The maggidim of past centuries had their own special tools to reach the people: fascinating stories, humor – and, most of all, concern and caring for their people. These tools are what make up the “spirit of the maggidim.” And this is what readers will enjoy in this new, wonderfully insightful book, In the Spirit of the Maggid.

Just take a look at Rabbi Krohn’s passport, and you’ll see why In the Spirit of the Maggid is like no other book of its kind. The passport is thick with “supplementary pages,” bearing stamps and visas from country after country. No wonder, then, that, as he says in his introduction, the stories come from “Australia, Baltimore, Chicago…” and down the alphabet through “…Vienna, Williamsburg, Yerushalayim, and Zichron Moshe.” (The only letter missing is an “X”!)

But this is no travelogue; this is a collection of stories that touch the heart and inspire the soul. There are stories of sages whose names are as familiar to us as our own and stories of anonymous heroes whose exploits leave us breathless. Stories that shock and surprise, stories that ignite our determination to be the best people we can. These stories take us inward, into our own lives; they take us outward, as we learn from others. And they take us upward, strengthening our connection to the One Above.
At last, In the Spirit of the Maggid is here. And it was well worth the wait.

Paysach J. Krohn is an Orthodox rabbi and a noted author, mohel, and lecturer on topics related to ethics and spiritual growth. He is a fifth-generation mohel, and is followed by both his son and son-in-law. He lives in Kew Gardens, Queens, New York with his wife. His five children are married.

Several of his works are in regards to his relationship with the “Maggid of Jerusalem,” Rabbi Sholom Schwadron. Krohn also leads tours throughout Europe, speaking about the rich and vibrant Jewish Communities that existed prior to World War II.

In December 2004 Rabbi Krohn launched the organization PaL (Phone and Learn) in the United Kingdom when speaking at the thirty day memorial service for a well-respected London chinuch activist, Sammy Homburger. PaL, a division of Partners in Torah in the USA, matches Jews who want to learn more about their heritage with a friendly, knowledgeable tutor for up to an hour a week of Jewish study and discussion over the phone. The dynamic organization has seen tremendous success since its inception and continues to inspire people throughout the UK, Europe and the world.

Category: Judaism
Released: September 21, 2010
Publisher:  ArtScroll/Mesorah Publications
Price: $11.99 (buy iBook)

These book is available on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch with iBooks (Noteat this time Artscroll can only sell iBooks in specific countries due to Apple’s agreement: USA, Canada, UK, France and  Germany)


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