Alien Invasion

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Soulbit7, the Israeli-based iOS application workshop, announces the immediate availability of  Look-Up, their latest iPhone app. Look-Up is an augmented reality (AR) game, where the player fights alien spaceships that enter the real environment that player is situated in.

Look-Up makes use of the iPhone camera and compass to create a unique alien invasion experience where the player fights UFOs that attack in the player’s real surroundings.

In 360 mode, the player engages with alien spaceships attacking from various points in his/her physical environment – by moving the device up, down, left and right, the player discovers the location of invading ships in a physical and unique playing experience. 180 mode reduces the playing zone to an area more manageable in the sitting position. Multiplayer mode allows more than one player to fight a battle together in a given physical space, making a truly social augmented reality gaming experience.

Space invaders was never this real.

Augmented reality means you play in your real surroundings

  • Stand up and fight in 360 mode, or sit down for 180 mode
  • Build an army with your friends in multiplayer mode
  • Defend Earth against 9 invasions with increasing difficulty

Will you stand up and fight for Earth?

App only for iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 (iPod Touch and iPad are not supported as the in-built camera is required.)

Visit the Look-Up website for more information.

Compatible with iPhone 3GS & 4

Category: Games
Released: August 10, 2010
Publisher:  Dagan Shtifman © Soulbit7
Price: $0.99 (buy app)




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