A Jewish Response to Terror

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The Palestinian Arabs of the Gaza Strip came out en masse Tuesday night, August 31, to celebrate the brutal slaying of four Jewish civilians in Judea earlier in the evening. They all were residents of Bet Haggai. They are identified as Yitzhak (47) and Tali (45) Ames, parents of six, Cochava Even Haim, she was pregnant (37) and Avishai Schindler (24).

Hamas has claimed responsibility for the attack and described it as a “heroic operation” on its website.

This is the most deadly attack against Israeli civilians since the 2008 massacre of 8 Israeli teenagers in a Jerusalem yeshiva.”

Natan Rolnik, young developer from Brasil created a new app called “Chagim Tishrei”. The app is dedicated in the memory of all the victims of Tuesday’s massacre.

Chagim Tishrei” is a simple app which includes some halachot for the Holidays of  month Tishrei, and the zmanim for Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa (in Hebrew only).

As we can read in mishnah: HaKodesh Borchu wanted to make Am Israel worthy of merit, so He gave us an abundance of Torah and mitzvot”. During the month of Tishrei, praying to be provided with a good year full of brachot and good fortune we want all the merits to be granted to ourselves. By giving all of us mitzvot Hashem facilitated it a great deal. The reminder of those concerning the month of  Tishrei can be found in Natan’s app on a simple and legible interface, just to be read “on the go”.

We each must strive to discover how we can best utilize our talents to serve Hashem and our fellow man. A famous story is told in the name of many great Chassidic Rebbes, including Reb Zusia.  He used to frequently say that after death all human beings stand in front of “heavenly” jury and have to justify all their behaviors and actions. Nobody asks them why they haven’t been so great as Moshe Rabeinu or so educated as Rabbi Akiba.  Each person has various capabilities and they are asked only why all the talent they had not been put into use properly and if they have been as great as they could have been.  I think Natan using his talent in a good way.

The new technologies, including those presented by Apple, and all the capabilities associated with them, can and are indeed used not only for  pure entertainment. The app “Chagim Tishrei” is one out of many examples.  I am convinced that it will be a perfect gift for iPhone users at the break of new year.

In a conversation with us remembering the victims of  Tuesday’s massacre Natan Rolnik said: “I think, this is our best revenge: to spread Torah around the world in their memory”.

I think that it would be very hard to find a reaction to this tragedy which would be more Jewish than this.

Robert Pass

(Update – 2013): app not available for download)

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