2.1 mobile phones per Israeli

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Personal computers are found in 71.1 percent of Israeli households and 90.8% of those homes have an Internet connection. Some 61.8% of house holds own at least one car and 18.8% have two or more. And the average Israeli has 2.1 mobile phones.

Those were some of the findings the Central Bureau of Statistics reported on Tuesday, when it released an initial report from the 2008 national population census, which was concluded in June 2009.

It was the first census to employ an integrated method that combines data from administrative sources and sample data from field surveys. The census provides vast amounts of information from all fields of Israeli life. The Jerusalem Post offers highlights of the findings:

• Israel is home to 7,409,000 people. The population is 75.6% Jewish, 16.9% Muslim, 2% Christian, 1.7% Druse and 3.8% are defined as belonging to other religions.

The median age is 28-29 for males and 30 for females. The largest age group is those 0-4 years of age, making up roughly 10% of the population. The smallest age group is those 85 and above, who make up 1% of the males and 1.5% of the females.

The median age of marriage for men is 25, and for women its 22.

Nearly a third of Israeli households have one child, 31.4% have two children, 19.7% have three children and 16.1% have four or more children.

Muslim women have the highest average number of children, with three children per woman, followed by Druse women with 2.7, Christian women with 2.2, Jewish women with 2.1 and others with 1.4.

Of the Jews born in Israel 71.3% of the Jewish population – 37.4% were born to parents who themselves were born in Israel, 29.8% from parents born in Europe, 15.8% from parents born in Africa, 12.5% from parents born in Asia and 4.4% from parents born in the Americas and Oceania.

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