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iNever is truly an app for sharing all the crazy things you’ve done or haven’t done. It’s also a fantastic app to discover things you never knew you wanted to do, and quite possibly where in the world you can make those un-experienced moments come true.

How many times have you thought to yourself, “I really wish I had done that“? The endless thought of things people have never done or on the flip side, the wild things they have, served as the concept for the iNever iPad app. The concept is unique to say the least. Users can create and describe situations they’ve never been in as well as simply respond to others’ Nevers by saying “Never” or “Done that“.

Posts are shared within categories, making it easy for others to search and reply. The true beauty of this app is discovering random situations where others have never experienced, such as; I’ve never had a slow dance, I’ve never had a tattoo done, I’ve never went water skiing, and so on.

iNever is designed for iPad users, based on an unique social networking driven concept. The latest release, Version 1.1.0, brings with it the options of sharing your iNever moments on Facebook, Twitter and Email. Another notable feature is that since your device is location-supported, it recognizes your location automatically and lets you share it on the world map within the app.

• Find out how similar or different your experiences and choices are compared to those of others
• Search the world map to find out who has done/never done what & where
• Discover the most popular things people would just love to try
• Explore ‘Nevers’ and ‘Been Theres, Done Thats’ by country and category
• Share your experiences anonymously
• Spice up any event or party with iNever – just imagine the possibilities…

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Category: Social Networking
Updated: 31 January 2011
Publisher: Team iNever*
Price: Free (get app)

*Located in Kfar Saba, Israel, Elad Zarko and Ori Goshen are founders of a stealth start-up for building a collective experiences community.
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