“Passover – The Ten Plagues” Interactive Storybook for iOS and Android Devices


You and your child can learn about Passover together with “Passover – The Ten Plagues”, new app developed by Corky Portwine, a Los Angeles-based mobile app developer and eBooks publisher for kids. “Passover – The Ten Plagues” is a fun and interactive storybook  tells of the plagues G-d sent to punish Egyptians and how Jews were freed(…)

Follow Moses Along His Journey To Free His People With A Mobile Interactive Game For Kids

tabtale moses feat1

Meet Moses and join the Jews as they flee Egypt in the interactive app for iOS and Android powered devices.  Teach young children the Passover story with games. The Biblical story of Moses and Passover comes to life in an app made for young kids. Interactive elements will teach children about Moses, the Ten Plagues,(…)

Free Passover Haggadah And Seder Planner App For iOS

haggadah seder planner

Passover Haggadah and Seder Planner app has been designed as a rich and invaluable companion to the Haggadah, catering to adults and children from any kind of Jewish background. Featuring music, video, stories, illustrations and clear instructions, Passover Haggadah brings the 3000 year old story of the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt to life.(…)

No Chametz – Free iPhone And Android App Helps Searching, Destroying And Selling Chametz

challot chametz

The night before Passover demands Chametz to be nowhere near you  (bedikat chametz this year Thursday evening of the April 2). The custom says to place ten pieces of bread all over the house and then find it. The bread should be packed in a particular way:  first wrapped in some material that burns easily(…)

Jewish Game For iPhone – Exodus: A Jewish Photo Scavenger Hunt App

exodus feat1

Help two kids pack up to leave Egypt in this simple photo scavenger hunt. Take pictures of everyday items with your phone or tablet that capture Jewish values. Listen closely as Ethan and  Daria  give you clues that will have you searching for that perfect item to photograph. After, review your photos with a grown-up(…)

G-dcast’s Game Teaches Kids How to Clean The House For Passover [iOS App]

g dcast passover app 011

Get your virtual house ready for Passover and learn about the rules of this special Jewish holiday. Let’s Get Ready for Passover app is a great way to teach kids about cleaning the house for Festival of Freedom. Let’s Get Ready for Passover is a little treat for Pesach.  It includes a short hidden object game(…)

Free Passover Assistant For Mobile Devices – What, When, Why, How [iPhone, Android]

passover assistent feat1

Preparing for Passover is now a little easier with a Passover Assistant, mobile app created by Chabad Apps team. Learn to chant the Four Questions with the interactive Ma Nishtana trainer.  Ma Nishtana trainer offers a karaoke-style tool for learning the four questions.  It makes learning the Ma Nishatana more fun and personal.  Look up holiday times(…)

Jewish Themes in Star Trek [Kindle Edition, eBook]

Jewish star trek1

Jewish themes abound in such “Trek” novels as “Well of Souls,” “The Wounded Sky” and “Spock’s World.” Biblical figures like Moses and David are mentioned explicitly while Jewish themes are intimated in the movie franchise and the various television series. But despite Jewish writers (David Gerrold, Harlan Ellison to name a few) and numerous Jewish(…)

The Apple Watch With A Jewish Twist

apple watch base1

Apple Watch is expected to be “the most successful smartwatch ever”. Everybody’s talking about this device. We also can’t wait to get our hands on the latest and greatest in wearable technology gadget. Apple has released details about the Apple Watch in its Spring Forward event 2 days ago. “Apple Watch begins a new chapter in(…)

Major Texts Of Judaism In One App [iPhone And iPad App]

tanach library1

Torah Library for iOS, the newest, just released by Davka app, is a powerful, mobile Jewish library that enables you to search a vast collection of classic Hebrew texts in seconds, quickly locate relevant results, and view full texts instantly. Torah Library contains a wide assortment of the major texts of Judaism, including Tanach and commentaries,(…)

Priestly Blessing, Startrek, Mr. Spock And Seats On The Bus For A White Passengers [Parshat Ki Tissa By Rabbi Zalman Lent]

spock in nozyk shul1

Last Friday (February 27, 2015) a famous Jewish actor passed away… Leonard Nimoy of Star Trek fame. Recognisable to fans by his pointy ears and trademark Vulcan salute (as pictured above), Nimoy was always proudly and staunchly Jewish, confident in his roots and fluent in his Yiddish. To his fans he will always remain Mr(…)

Purim Service For Android Incl. Megillat Esther And Gragger

New Android app Esther developed by ZigZag features Book of  Esther (Hebrew with English translation), Purim Service, and gragger. Reading the Scroll of Esther (Megillat Esther) is the centerpiece of the joyous holiday of Purim. This app adds to your holiday experience by bringing you the entire Hebrew text of Esther, fully pointed (all vowels(…)

A Free Digital Purim Noisemaker For Android

gragger purim android cover

A digital Purim noisemaker: Slap the evil Haman and watch his eyes bounce. Purim goes digital: This toy app emulates a gragger (ra’ashan). Shake it or slap evil Haman and watch his eyes bounce. Fun for kids, but watch your phone! Note: If you don’t know what a gragger is, maybe you shouldn’t download it.(…)

Free Virtual Gragger For Purim [iPhone App]

gragger purim cover

So that you can pull a gragger out of your pocket every time you hear evil Haman’s name, there is a virtual gragger for your iPhone. The Purim Gragger application gives you a choice between two graggers, one from plastic and one from wood. Twirl your iPhone and the speed and intensity of your twirling will(…)

Purim Special: Does G-d Have An iPhone?

jobs 20071

By Yonatan Gordon Are Purim jokes flights of fansy or the real deal? As explained last time, the properly inspired Purim joke allows both states to coexist simultaneously. So fasten your seatback, and get ready for a one-of-a-kind Purim adventure. I’ve gotten used to thinking differently about things, so when I started bawling with tears(…)