Few iPhone Apps That Imitate The Sound Of The Shofar

shofar apps

Shofar is used mainly on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  It is blown in synagogues to mark the end of the fast at Yom Kippur,  and blown at  four particular occasions in the prayers on Rosh Hashanah.  Because of  its inherent ties to the Days of Repentance and the inspiration that comes along with hearing its piercing blasts,  the …(…)

Selichot For iPhone According To The Nusach Sephardi


In the Sephardic tradition, Selichot are said beginning with the month of Elul (1st day of Rosh Chodesh Elul this year August 16) , through Yom Kippur to help worshipers direct their hearts and minds to the process of teshuvah, repentance. At the Selichot service, worshipers begin to examine their deeds of the past year,(…)

Jewish Wedding Planner For iPhone


APP   The Jewish Wedding Planner app contains, as developer claims, everything you need to plan the Jewish wedding of your dreams. The Jewish Wedding Planner curates in app and online resources for: checklists, registry, Jewish etiquette and advice from wedding professionals, highly touted vendor recommendations, bridal craft tutorials, wholesale décor, seating charts and more. App(…)

Fun, Inspirational And Educational Torah App For Children [iPhone, iPad, Android Devices]

shazak app parsha torah for kids cover

 APP  Finally, a fun, inspirational and educational Torah app for children. This new Jewish app brings weekly Torah stories to your children and Jewish students. Every weekly Torah portion is filled with full color drawings and rich audio portraying these beautiful stories. Children can even participate in the stories through the built-in coloring pages to bring(…)

Hasidic Village Makes Parents Choose: Childrens Education Or Smartphone

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 TECH  Most schools forbid the use of cellphones by students during class, but in the Hasidic Jewish village of Kiryas Joel, New York, it’s the parents who are being required to power down. At the end of July, a notice was sent to families in the haredi Orthodox community about 50-miles northwest of New York(…)

Mobile App With A Daily Mitzvah Lessons In Maimonides’ Sefer HaMitzvos

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 APP  Study the Daily Mitzvah with Rabbi Mendel Kaplan while reading along in English or Hebrew.  Choose a date on the Civil or Jewish Calendar, or go straight to today’s Mitzvah. Join Rabbi Mendel  Kaplan as he explores the daily lesson in Maimonides’ Sefer HaMitzvos following the daily study cycle. You’ll complete all 613 commandments(…)

Daily Torah Study App For Android

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 APP  Daily Torah Study Jewish app gives you easy access to daily Torah lessons from Lessons include: Chumash with Rashi Rashi’s commentary is an indispensable part of a person’s daily studies. His explanation of Chumash, the first five books of the Torah, clarifies the “simple” meaning of the text so that a bright child(…)

Smartphone Can Help You Learn How, When and Why To Say Kaddish [iOS And Android Devices]

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Reciting Kaddish is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your departed loved one. You may discover it also to be integral to your mourning and healing process. However, saying Kaddish can be daunting, for those experiencing a loss for the first time and have not had to say Kaddish before. Kaddish Assistant,(…)

The Vilna Vegetarian Cookbook: Garden-Fresh Recipes Rediscovered And Adapted For Today’s Kitchen

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By George Jochnowitz  EBOOK  Everybody knows that cooking varies from country to country. There are Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, etc. We associate different styles of cuisine with different languages. Do we also think of the association of different cuisines with different dialects? We should, because cooking also varies from region to region. Litvaks and Galitsyaners(…)

Digital Eicha – Listen to Entire Book of Lamentations In Mp3 Format

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AUDIO   Soon we will fast on Tisha Be’Av, the Fast of the 9th of Av, a day which encompasses the suffering of all those years of  Jewish history; the expulsions, pogroms, the Shoah and of course the destruction of our Beit Hamikdash (Holy Temple) twice, our spiritual focal point on this world. On this day (Saturday night, July 25th(…)

The Entebbe Raid: Now in Animation [Video]

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VIDEO   On the eve of the 39th anniversary of the historic Operation Thunderbolt, the rescue of Jewish and Israeli citizens kidnapped by terrorists and held captive at Entebbe Airport in 1976, commandos involved in the daring raid provided commentary for an animated video detailing this heroic story for students around the world. The video(…)

The Jewish Emergency Network Emergency Response iPhone App

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APP  The Jewish Emergency Network (JEN) Emergency Response mobile app is an enhanced and dedicated Mobile Panic Button with an integrated Location Map Tracker and Personal ID details. The JEN app is there to provide you and your family with a powerful tool should you ever be in an Emergency situation and you need a(…)

Iran Unveils Cellphone Game Simulating Missile Strikes Against Israeli Targets

missles strike 011

GAME   Iran launched a new game for mobile phones called “Missile Attack” which simulates a missile attack on Haifa. The release of the game came as world powers and Iran entered the third week of negotiations in Vienna aimed at curbing the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. “The anti-Zionist game displays Iran’s missile power and(…)

Ally: My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide By Michael B. Oren [eBook, Hardcover]

Michael 0ren Ally book1

 EBOOK  Michael B. Oren’s memoir of his time as Israel’s ambassador to the United States—a period of transformative change for America and a time of violent upheaval throughout the Middle East—provides a frank, fascinating look inside the special relationship between America and its closest ally in the region. Michael Oren served as the Israeli ambassador(…)

Israeli Caricaturists Mobilize To Fight BDS Via Facebook

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 SOCIAL MEDIA  A group of Israeli caricaturists frustrated with ineffectiveness of hasbara are posting sarcastic caricatures to expose BDS supporters' hypocrisy. Israeli diplomacy has been diligently working in recent months to thwart the efforts of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS), and now the country is receiving assistance from an unlikely group: Illustrators. …(…)