EmoJew – Free Jewish Emoji App For iPhone And Android

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Emojew is the world’s first Jewish emoji app. App was created by Baumann Ber Rivnay – Saatchi & Saatchi Tel Aviv for an Israeli organization Latet in order to bypass the problem of  ‘text message donations’  that where blocked by cellular operators. Make your family and friends happy, send them messages with funny icons for the Holidays.(…)

The Passover Story Of The Four Sons… G-dcast Style!

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Passover is full of stories.  G-dcast have decided to bring to life the Haggadah’s famous tale of the Four Sons. These four characters – wise, wicked, simple and the one who doesn’t know how to ask questions – can be found all over the world, but G-cast set their story in Moscow. Enjoy and Chag(…)

Vegan Start Passover Cookbook [Kindle Edition, eBook]

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Passover can be hard for vegans, but Rena Reich, member of Jewish Vegetarians of North America, has written a Passover e-book “Vegan Start Passover Cookbook” with scores of easy-to-make and delicious recipes. What would Pesach be without matzo balls?  You got it. Make your own almond milk, mayonnaise, pesto and “crackers”. Ever try to make your own(…)

Passover Jewish App – An Interactive Mah Nishtanah

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Learn or refresh reading and singing the Four Questions with your own interactive Mah Nishtanah. Touch-n-Read technology lets you read along and hear every word. Sing along too. Record mode makes it easy to practice reading the Hebrew words and automatically saves your last recording. Play your recording anytime for your friends, parents, teachers, or(…)

Make Your Own Haggadah Using Jewish Digital Content Creation Tool For Educators And Children [iOS, Android, PC, Mac]

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JI Studio is a Judaic digital content creation tool.  Ground-breaking features encourage children to let their imaginations run wild, use higher-order thinking skills and create projects with tools combined with full access to the Tanach. JI Studio visually dazzles with rich collections of Jewish-themed stickers, story backgrounds, Hebrew letters, vowels and words, characters, dress-ups, photographs, coloring pages(…)

Hebrew Haggadah Decorated With Illustrations Made By Children

hagada yeladim

In Israel today, there are over 10,000 infants, children and adolescents who have been removed from their homes by the welfare authorities. They live in 90 residential group homes around the country. Yeladim – Fair  Chance for Children was founded as a volunteer association devoted to activities that provide these children with similar opportunities to(…)

Blumenkrantz Pesach Digest Goes Mobile

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Pesach Digest Application integrates the clarity of the Pesach Digest with the ease of modern technology. Now, the world renowned Pesach Digest can be at your fingertips, but after in-app purchase ($6.99), you get… zmanim for erev Pesach free. Just updated, this Jewish app has been developed by Moshe Berman. The Pesach Digest App is(…)

Hebrew/English iHagada, Made In Israel, Includes Funny Game For Whole Family


The iHagada by Israeli developer ZebraApps,  provide you with experience similar to book reading (special on iPad), moving through the pages in the Hagada will be accompanied with page flipping animation and flip page sound for realistic felling. Table of contents will allow you to jump through the different Hagada chapters and songs. The iHagada is colourful and includes Passover related(…)

The STAR-K Comprehensive Passover Information & Product Guide For iPhone


For many years, Rabbi Gershon Bess has prepared a Guide for Pesach Medications and Cosmetics. The information found in this guide is based upon Rabbi Gershon Bess’s extensive research, conducted over several decades, with pharmaceutical manufacturers. The Star-K Pesach Kitchen” and the “Star-K 2014 Pesach Product Directory” are also included in this  Jewish Passover App,(…)

New Passover Issue Of The “Just Jew It” Is Ready For Download [iOS And Android Devices]

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Subscribers to Just Jew It! Digital Magazine enjoy videos, how-to articles, stories, interviews and anecdotes from world renowned authors for the celebration of Jewish life, holidays, and customs, as well as exclusive interviews and articles of interest relating to current times in one Jewish app. New, Passover, issue of the “Just Jew It” is ready for(…)

“Passover – The Ten Plagues” Interactive Storybook for iOS and Android Devices


You and your child can learn about Passover together with “Passover – The Ten Plagues”, new app developed by Corky Portwine, a Los Angeles-based mobile app developer and eBooks publisher for kids. “Passover – The Ten Plagues” is a fun and interactive storybook  tells of the plagues G-d sent to punish Egyptians and how Jews were freed(…)

Follow Moses Along His Journey To Free His People With A Mobile Interactive Game For Kids

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Meet Moses and join the Jews as they flee Egypt in the interactive app for iOS and Android powered devices.  Teach young children the Passover story with games. The Biblical story of Moses and Passover comes to life in an app made for young kids. Interactive elements will teach children about Moses, the Ten Plagues,(…)

Free Passover Haggadah And Seder Planner App For iOS

haggadah seder planner

Passover Haggadah and Seder Planner app has been designed as a rich and invaluable companion to the Haggadah, catering to adults and children from any kind of Jewish background. Featuring music, video, stories, illustrations and clear instructions, Passover Haggadah brings the 3000 year old story of the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt to life.(…)

No Chametz – Free iPhone And Android App Helps Searching, Destroying And Selling Chametz

challot chametz

The night before Passover demands Chametz to be nowhere near you  (bedikat chametz this year Thursday evening of the April 2). The custom says to place ten pieces of bread all over the house and then find it. The bread should be packed in a particular way:  first wrapped in some material that burns easily(…)

Jewish Game For iPhone – Exodus: A Jewish Photo Scavenger Hunt App

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Help two kids pack up to leave Egypt in this simple photo scavenger hunt. Take pictures of everyday items with your phone or tablet that capture Jewish values. Listen closely as Ethan and  Daria  give you clues that will have you searching for that perfect item to photograph. After, review your photos with a grown-up(…)