Do Not Be Broken Or Afraid Of Them [Parshat Devarim By Rabbi Zalman Lent]


One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the L‑rd, many scenes from my life flashed across the sky. In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand, sometimes there were two sets of footprints, other times there were only one.  This bothered me because I noticed that during the low periods(…)

New Meaningful And Inspiring Issue Of The Interactive Digital Magazine “Just Jew It” For Months Of Tammuz And Av

JJI 001

Meaningful and inspiring for the summer months of Tammuz and Av issue of the “Just Jew It” already on the iTunes Newsstand. “Just Jew It” – interactive digital magazine – is designed especially and exclusively for you to enjoy on mobile devices. Included in this issue The Secret of Starbucks, and what we can learn(…)

Watch Dozens Of Drones Waving Israeli Flags Fly Across Israel In Support Of IDF Soldiers

drones over israel1

Last Friday, July 25, people from all over Israel who belong to the Facebook group, DJI ISRAEL, flew their drones in the Latrun region of the country in a unique show of support for IDF soldiers and residents of southern Israel. The operators of the drones, a group who fly quadcopters both professionally and as(…)

Wake Up King David To Ask The Almighty For Full Redemption And Peace [Psalms Apps]

tehillim apps 011

A letter from a soldier in Gaza: Today our hearts are pounding in fear. Who of us will die? And who will return safely? We are your messengers in fighting . We are fighting so you can live peacefully with your children. So you can stay alive. We are your protection. Will you be ours?(…)

Sefer Tehillim (Psalms) App With Text And Audio Files (Mp3)

Tehilimp3 cover

Natan Rolnik is a young generation former Brazilian developer who started his career as a creator of Jewish apps before becoming a part of the team of some Israeli start-up. It is thanks to this guy we can rejoice in the presence on our iDevices of the monoliths of the Jewish literature such as Mesilat Yesharim(…)

Psalms App For iPhone And Android

tehilim rustybrick

With RustyBrick’s  Tehilim  app you have options for reading by chapter, day of month or day of week. The text is presented in both English and Hebrew and provides settings for showing one or the other or both. Features By Chapter/Perek, By Day of Month, By Day of Week English and Hebrew Texts Easy to(…)

Read Psalms In The Original Hebrew And Understand The Meaning Of Every Word (iOS App)

Hebrew Psalm Reader

The Hebrew Psalms Reader by TES  (Torah Educational Software)  is available also on the iOS devices.  App includes complete Book of  Psalms – 150 Chapters. The Psalms Reader was developed to give the user the ability to read Psalms in the original Hebrew and understand the meaning of  every word. This is the most advanced(…)

Read Tehilim (Psalms) On Your iPhone

tehillim esh cover1

Esh Tehilim  is  another app  with  Psalms. In the standard  books of Psalms, the 150 chapters are grouped into seven portions, so that they can be completed every week, and into thirty portions, so that they can be completed every Jewish month. Some people recite Psalms according to the weekly cycle, while others follow the(…)

Anti-Semitism Is As Old As The Jews, And Is Here To Stay [Parshat Mattot By Rabbi Zalman Lent]


In 1891 Theodore Herzl moved to Paris to work as foreign correspondent for the Neue Freie Presse based in Vienna. He was 31 years old. At the time, his working theory on anti-Semitism he encountered was that it was because Jews were “different.” His solution to the problem was total assimilation and even conversion out(…)

i24news (In English, French And Arabic) – Some Say, The Israeli Answer To Al Jazeera [iOS And Android App]

i24news cover

i24news is an international 24-hour news and current affairs television channel based in Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv. It broadcasts in English, French and Arabic. The mission of  i24news  is to cover international news with a new perspective, as well as all facets of Israeli society. In English, French and Arabic, i24news is dedicated to presenting another voice from the Middle East, based on the twin(…)

Watch Channel 2 News Israel TV Anywhere And Anytime Also On iPad

channel ipad cover

Now you can watch Channel 2 News Israel TV anywhere and anytime also on your iPad – 24 hour news updates – Real time video from the field – All Channel 2 News programs available to view on demand (VOD) – Weather forecasts updated regularly גרסא מיוחדת של החדשות המותאמת למכשיר האייפאד שלכם ! אפליקציית(…)

Channel 2 News Israeli TV For Android Powered Devices

channel 2 android

Channel 2 News – the leading news TV channel in Israel – now also available on Android powered devices. 24/7 Live News Channel, news updated, economic updates, tech updates, weather forecast, TV programs VOD. App: Channel 2 News by Channel 2 News Updated:  July 17, 2014 Price:  Free (Google Play Link) (for  iPad  only  version -(…)

Watch Israeli TV News Channel 2 Through Free iPhone App

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Watch  Channel 2 News Israel TV (Hebrew) anywhere and anytime on your iPhone: – 24 hour news updates – Real time video from the field – All Channel 2 News programs available to view on demand (VOD) – Weather forecasts updated regularly Channel 2 News – with you everywhere. מעכשיו אתה יכול לראות את חדשות ערוץ(…)

Robot Writes Torah At Berlin’s Jewish Museum – “Bios [Torah]” Installation

robot torah1

The installation “bios [torah]” by the artist group robotlab refers to the activity of  Torah writing performed in the Jewish tradition by a specially trained scribe, the Sofer. While the Sofer guarantees the sanctity of the Scripture, the installation highlights its industrial reproducibility. It simulates a centuries-old cultural technique that has long since been overtaken(…)

Israel Missile Alerts Google Glassware – The Newest Jewish App For Google Glass

glass alerts 011

RustyBrick just released their second app for Google Glass -  “Israel Missile Alerts”. This Google Glassware, Glassware is what Google calls an app for Google Glass, provides real-time updates on missile attacks against Israel. Google Glass is completely hands free and will send immediate alerts to subscribers to the app of missile attacks in Israel.(…)