Robot Writes Torah At Berlin’s Jewish Museum – “Bios [Torah]” Installation

robot torah1

The installation “bios [torah]” by the artist group robotlab refers to the activity of  Torah writing performed in the Jewish tradition by a specially trained scribe, the Sofer. While the Sofer guarantees the sanctity of the Scripture, the installation highlights its industrial reproducibility. It simulates a centuries-old cultural technique that has long since been …(…)

Shavuot Services Incl. Megillat Ruth in MP3

Julius_Schnorr_von_Carolsfeld _Ruth_im_Feld_des_Boaz2

If you’re planning to conduct  Shavuot services in your shul this year (incl. reading a Megillat Ruth) and need a bit of help on your Hebrew pronunciation or want to brush up on a tune, the Virtual Cantor – Josh Sharfman – has recorded the almost entire service for Festivals in mp3 format and put(…)

Cook It French – Easy Recipes For Shavuot By Alice Level [iBook]

cheese 021

While cheesecake and blintzes are virtually unheard of in France, there is a whole array of both traditional and modern dairy recipes that the Jews of France like to serve for the Holiday of Shavuot. Try these different recipes that will amaze your guests and family. iBook: Cook It French! Easy Recipes for Shavuot by(…)

Jewish App “Shavuos Guide” Includes Recipes, Customs, Thoughts


The Torah was given by G‑dto the Jewish people on Mount Sinai more than 3300 years ago. Every year on the holiday of Shavuot we renew our acceptance of G‑d’s gift and G‑d “re-gives” the Torah. The word Shavuot means “weeks.” It marks the completion of the seven week counting period between Passover and Shavuot. The giving of the Torah was(…)

Recipies For Shavuot From Strauss Israel [Hebrew Free iOS App]

strauss israel dairy1

One of the most popular customs on Shavuot is to eat dairy foods such as cheesecake, cheese, blintzes and ice cream. “Strauss Israel” launches an application “iShavuot (recipes)” with the special recipes designed for this Jewish Holiday. This Jewish app (Hebrew only) includes: a wide variety of festive meals in different styles; thousands of receipts for(…)

Simplify Jewish Life Using Smart Technology – Siddur: The Newest Jewish App On Your Apple Watch

apple watch siddur1

RustyBrick has just released Apple Watch app for the iOS Siddur. The Apple Watch app has tons of features aimed at making Jewish life just a bit easier. The RustyBrick’s goal is to give observant Jews easy access to common prayers, important times, a glance at the Jewish calendar and access to find nearby synagogues.(…)

In Honor Of Shavuot Davka Running Sales Of Torah Library For iOS And Tanach Bible For Android

davka sale1

In honor of Shavuot Davka running sales this week on two of their most popular apps: Torah Library for iOS and Tanach Bible for Android. Torah Library for iOS is a powerful, mobile Jewish library that enables you to search a vast collection of classic Hebrew texts in seconds, quickly locate relevant results, and view full texts instantly.(…)

Selection Of Jerusalem-Themed Mobile Apps In Honor Of Jerusalem Day

beit hamikdash cover1

Since the time of King David, except for the 19 years between 1948 and 1967, there has always been a Jewish presence in the ancient city of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. From 1948 until 1967, the western part of the city was in Israeli hands, while the ancient, eastern part – apart from a(…)

Jerusalem Now Only A Click Away – Virtual Tour To Over 100 Locations In Jerusalem

jerusalem360 cover1

By Aryeh Savir Jerusalem (Tazpit News Agency) – Would you like to visit the Kotel, the Western Wall, or delve into Jerusalem’s subterranean history; shop at the Machane Yehuda or Arab shuqs; pray at Jerusalem’s many synagogues; climb the String Bridge or jump to the Mount of Olives; visit the Old City’s gates or relax(…)

The Jewish Explorer’s Guide To The Old City Of Jerusalem [iPhone App]

Guide To The Old City Of Jerusalem

Rabbi Leibel Reznick’s authoritative 2010 Edition of  “Touring Jerusalem: The Jewish Explorer’s Guide to the Old City of Jerusalem”  is now available for your iPhone. With your iPhone in hand, take this guided tour of the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, replete with up-to-date maps and full-color photos. The guide gives detailed(…)

Send A Prayer To The Western Wall And It Will Be Placed In Between The Stones

Send A Prayer To The Western Wall

@TheKotel app  is your direct channel to the Almighty G-d. With it you can easily and quickly send a prayer to the Western Wall (also known as “The Kotel“ or the “Wailing Wall” ) and it will be placed in between the stones. Your faith or geographical location does not matter – Holy Jerusalem is(…)

Visit The Beit HaMikdash In Jerusalem As It Once Stood Over 2000 Years Ago [iPhone And iPad App]

beit hamikdash app 011

Visit the holiest site in Judaism – the Beit HaMikdash in Jerusalem as it once stood over 2000 years ago. Take a 3D virtual tour of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, follow the guided tour or navigate yourself and explore the holiest site in Judaism. Explore & learn of its importance and place in Jewish(…)

A Free Guide For The Independent Tourist – The Old City Of Jerusalem Audio Walking Tours [iPhone And Android Apps]

jerusalem audio tour cover

The Old City of Jerusalem Audio Walking Tours takes you through the allies of the Old City of Jerusalem in a fascinating journey through time to a city that is the center of  religious and spiritual worship for thousands of years. Walk through the ancient quarters following 15 different tours and explore the synagogues, masques(…)

Analytical Studies Of The Rambam’s Rulings Concerning The Construction And The Design Of The Holy Temple

Holy Temple Jerusalem

Analytical Studies by the Lubavitcher Rebbe,  Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson of the Rambam’s rulings concerning the construction and the design of the Beis HaMikdash. Our Sages explain that we are required to constantly “Seek out the welfare of Jerusalem,” to concern ourselves with the Beis HaMikdash is destroyed, studying its structure is considered by G-d(…)

Amy’s Jewish Mom On Her Answering Machine [iPhone App, CD, EBook]

jewish mom iphone app

Amy’s overprotective  mother  called  her constantly, leaving messages with unsolicited advice and opinions. Amy saved Mom’s messages for over a decade, and she shares them on “The Mother of All Comedy CDs”. She also released “Amy’s Mom” iPhone app. Amy’s Borkowsky wild ride from life as a typical single woman in New York City to becoming dubbed, “the(…)