…Every Day We Increase The Light, Never Content With What We Achieved The Night Before [Hanukkah By Rabbi Zalman Lent]


There are two schools of thought in Jewish tradition as to how the Chanukah menorah is to be lit. The Talmud tells us: Beit Shammai rules – On the first day of Chanukah, we light eight candles; each day thereafter, we decrease the lights by one. Beit Hillel rules – On the first day of(…)

Chanukah Guide App With Insights Into The “Inner Dimension” Of Chanukah Observance


Chanukah, the Festival of  Light, is among the most widely celebrated of  Jewish holidays. It is a time for happy family gatherings around the menorah, for children’s songs and sizzling potato latkes and games of  “dreidel.” For many of us, it brings back fond memories of childhood, or serves to renew our sense of Jewish(…)

My Menorah 4 Hanukkah – The Latest Creation From Jewish Interactive [App for iOS, Android, Mac And PC]

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Jewish Interactive has extended the definition of non-profit to include twenty-first century Jewish education. The South African organization is dedicated to creating apps that teach elementary school children about Judaism, training educators in twenty-first century technology and training students to use tech for Jewish learning. Some of the organization’s apps are geared toward older children,(…)

Win Chocolate Gelt In A Virtual, Interactive Dreidel Game

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Captain Moustache, the Michigan-based web applications company which has launched several unique applications for Apple users has developed an interactive dreidel game for iOS devices. The dreidel app allows users to spin a virtual dreidel, earn Hanukkah shekels (Israeli coins), and beat opponents competing for the biggest pot of chocolate coins. The Captain’s virtual dreidel(…)

History Of Hanukkah In An iOS And Android App

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Simple app “History of Hanukkah” by Scott Hotaling contains the history, images and stories about the Hanukkah. App:  History of Hanukkah by Scott Hotaling   Compatible:  iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Category:   Reference Released:  January 12, 2010 Publisher:   Scott W. Hotaling Price:  $0.99 (buy app) Android version – download here LEAVE A NOTE Related Posts: Hanukkah Box(…)

“Toy Train Hanukkah Story” Is A Poem Base On The Story Of The Hanukkah Miracle [iOS App]

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“Toy Train Hanukkah Story”  is a whimsical poem base on the story of the Hanukkah miracle. The two toy trains have an eight day journey to get home for Hanukkah but only enough coal for one day.  As in the Hanukkah story a miracle happens and the coal lasts long enough for them to complete(…)

Brighten Up The Holiday With A New “Festival of Lights” Storybook App For iOS, Android And Windows Phones

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As the calendar turns, our focuses shift from raking leaves to shoveling snow, and that means Hanukkah will soon be upon us. It’s easy to get caught up in the stress of the season and forget the reasons why we gather together for eight nights. Have we done everything we can to teach our children(…)

Hanukkah Issue Of The “Just Jew It” Ready For Download Now For iOS And Android Devices


Chanukah messages to light up your life and our world. Just Jew It Mobile Magazine gives people access to insights and wisdom about the richness and depth of Jewish life on their mobile devices. Unlike some app magazines that are print replicas “stuffed” into an app, Just Jew It is designed exclusively for iPad, iPhone,(…)

Menorah App For iOS And Android By RustyBrick

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This iPhone Menorah will show you how many candles to light for each day of the Jewish Holiday Chanukah (Hanukkah). It has a cute animation, that shows you which way to light, in accordance with the Ashkenaz customs. It also has the Chanukah prayers in Hebrew, English and Transliterated. Plus, there are prayers professionally and(…)

Dress Up Your Dreidel Using A Free iPhone App

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Hanukkah is usually a super fun holiday – and with a new app created by Our Jewish Community, now it will be even more fun. Start with a dreidel and accessorize: perhaps you’ll add arms? high heels?  a winter scarf?  a Hebrew letter? Once you’ve created your masterpiece, you can send it via email, upload(…)

Check Out Hanukkah Themed Version Of 123 Color App, Which Has Been Featured In The New York Times

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123 Color Hanukkah Edition teaches numbers, letters (upper and lower case), and colors, spoken in English, Spanish, French, and German, with engaging artwork, voice-overs, music, sound effects, and animation. 123 Color Hanukkah Edition is a Hanukkah themed version of 123 Color, which has been featured in The New York Times, in iPhone Life Magazine, and(…)

Hanukkah App For The Whole Family – Play Matisyahu’s Song Happy Hanukkah [iPad App For Jewish Kids]

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Celebrate Hanukkah with Matisyahu and Mibblio.  Jam along to Matisyahu’s hit, “Happy Hanukkah”, which is now a mibblet. “I’ve personally enjoyed using the app to teach the song to my kids and share in the holiday joy with them.” – says Matisyahu. “Mibblio is a world full of Mibblets – illustrated story-songs that invite kids to(…)

Everything You Need To Know About Festival Of Light In A New Chanukah Guide For iPhone And iPad

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The creators of the Tefillin and Mezuzah Guides have  another app, this time geared towards the holidays. The Chanukah Guide is equipped with all the features necessary for lighting the Chanukah Menorah. It’s packed with easy-to-understand tutorials, the Menorah blessings in six languages, an array of social sharing options, and a timer that reminds you(…)

Hanukkah Coloring Book For iPhone And iPad

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Hanukkah coloring book by Midnight Illusions includes dancing dreidels, live latkes, menorahs,  Maccabees and many other pages  for you or your kids to fill in. There is a rainbow of colors to choose from and different marker sizes. You can save your drawings to camera roll or email to Bubbie, Zaide, friends and family. Post on Twitter(…)

Ollie and Taavi Celebrate the Jewish Holidays – Mom’s Choice Award Winning Book [iOS App, Kindle And Paperback]

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Written for children, Ollie and Taavi like to celebrate lighting the candles on Shabbat, dipping apples in honey for Rosh Hashanah, sitting inside the sukkah and  lighting the candles on Hanukkah. These two Jewish dogs celebrate their own way. Come along throughout the Jewish year with Ollie and Taavi. For children of any age, and(…)